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Their result for Defective Human Recall Examination ...

Not suitable for recall.

10% Psychological_Defect_Quotient, 11% Physical_Defect_Quotient and 23% Intellectual_Defect_Quotient!

You've been determined to be unworthy of recall. It's not that you don't have problems, just that they don't matter. Better luck next time.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Psychological_Defect_Quotient Distribution

    They scored 10% on Psychological_Defect_Quotient, higher than 20% of your peers.

  • Physical_Defect_Quotient Distribution

    They scored 11% on Physical_Defect_Quotient, higher than 31% of your peers.

  • Intellectual_Defect_Quotient Distribution

    They scored 23% on Intellectual_Defect_Quotient, higher than 23% of your peers.

All possible test results

Recall for every reason imaginable!

You're dumb, insane, and a pathetic cripple. Well, that or you're just mostly blind and answering questions more or less at random. Either option seems possible, and either way you've been schedule... Read more

Recall for major psychological defects!

You have been determined to be seriously psychologically defective and are scheduled for recall within the next 24 to 788400 hours. If you would like to expedite your recall please procede forward ... Read more

Recall for total stupidity!

Lets keep this short and simple, since you're probably having a lot of trouble understanding what I'm trying to say. Actually, the word "understanding" may be a bit too big for you. The word "big" ... Read more

Recall for severe physical defects!

You probably already knew it, but if you don't your doctor does. You're a severely physically defective human being, like a new laptop that doesn't start, or a kind of car that blows up when it get... Read more

Recall for moderate psychological defects.

Congrats, you're crazy! Not super-crazy, not exceptional really, just bland, run of the mill crazy. There are lots of people out there like you, and we feel it's reasonable to consider you worthy o... Read more

Recall for moderate mental defects.

Well well, aren't you just the bright one... In case it's not obvious to you (and we kinda think that few things are), that was sarcasm. Doesn't really matter, though, you're scheduled for r... Read more

Recall for moderate physical defects.

Ouch, that sucks. We feel bad for you, it's not your  fault you're broken, but the basic truth is that you are defective. You will be recalled in the next 24 to 788400 hours, and in the meantime, ... Read more

Recall for general defects!

You're blandly unsatisfactory, like a chocolate coated coffee bean without the chocolate coating, or a hairless cat that's covered in fur. It's not that it's a hugely big deal, but we feel bad for ... Read more

Minor psychological defects, do not recall.

Well, you're crazy, but then again that's what you just said, isn't it? Taking a test to see if you ought to be recalled and replaced with a nasty squirmy little baby seems a bit nutscrazy, but you... Read more

Minor mental defects, we wish we could recall you.

Congradulations, you've been classified as another member of the drooling masses of drooling idiots who populate our poor, miserable, abused, drooled-on planet. This is to say, asside from being a ... Read more

Minor physical defects, do not recall.

Ouch. You're a gimp, or something. Maybe you're just really unhealthy, or at least your family had a lot of likely genetic conditions that suggest you have a bad end in store for you. One with doct... Read more

Not suitable for recall.

You've been determined to be unworthy of recall. It's not that you don't have problems, just that they don't matter. Better luck next time. Read more

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