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Their result for The basic number theory Test ...

Junior NumTheorist

You scored 72 % of Number Theory knowledge

I think you did kinda well :)

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • variable 1 Distribution

    They scored 72% on variable 1, higher than 55% of your peers.

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Description 1 why did you attempt this test at all?! Read more

Next to a loser

way too bad but there's been worse! Read more

still a loser

Bad, but you got a few points yet haha Read more

Lucky for a loser

U don't know a thing but u're were lucky, congrats! Read more


keep the good work! Read more


Well, that was something! Retake!!! Read more


nice try, almost good ! Read more

Junior NumTheorist

I think you did kinda well :) Read more


wow, u're good :) Read more


You're the best :)) Read more

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