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You are here to: 45 % observe, 18 % party!, 27 % evolve, 9 % transcend

You enjoy learning, about yourself and the world around you. You apply your knowledge to improving yourself, and keep tabs on the process. You'd likely make a very good teacher, even if you don't feel so naturally inclined.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • observe Distribution

    They scored 45% on observe, higher than 89% of your peers.

  • party! Distribution

    They scored 18% on party!, higher than 47% of your peers.

  • evolve Distribution

    They scored 27% on evolve, higher than 8% of your peers.

  • transcend Distribution

    They scored 9% on transcend, higher than 10% of your peers.

All possible test results


You like to sample bits of everything, but have some underlying uncertainty as to your ultimate drive in life. OR you have absolutely no idea what you are doing here, or with your life. Either way som... Read more


You are not primarily focused on materialism or earthly knowledge, and are eager to perfect your mind and GTFO of your physical incarnation. In the meantime, you probably do your best to teach others ... Read more


You are here to meet yourself and like-minded others, find out what makes you(plural) tick, and do the best you can with it. Read more

Agent Of Progress

You are all about progress, and want to perfect yourself on this plane and above. You help others along as you go, either by choice or by inspiring them with your inherent positive inertia. Read more

Party Monster

You are here to kick ass and forget names. Earth is full of good food, good sex, good drugs, good music, and you want as much of this as you can get. Concerns such as enough sleep, educational pursuit... Read more

Rock The Zen

You enjoy having unhindered fun, and likely consider life to be transient in nature. You came, you rocked out, you merged with the godhead. Read more


You are down to get down, yet still focused on making the best of yourself while you're here. Or perhaps you're just focused on getting better at getting down... Read more


You're very into your life: socializing, education, personal betterment. Chances are you don't take a lot of time to observe others, or take in the big picture, but you are more than likely quite cons... Read more

Alien Anthropologist

You observe life as though you were making a documentary about it. You are less social, and less in touch with your emotions because of this. Humans appear to you more as items of academic interest th... Read more

Zen Tourist.

You are not bound to this realm. You look forward to attaining Nirvana at death, and are just having a look around in the meantime. Read more


You enjoy learning, about yourself and the world around you. You apply your knowledge to improving yourself, and keep tabs on the process. You'd likely make a very good teacher, even if you don't feel... Read more


You are here to learn, evolve, better yourself and others, and not waste too much time getting caught up in materialism and entertainment. Chances are your soul will not rest until the world has becom... Read more

Rock Journalist

You probably have an overall detached view of life, but that doesn't stop you from having a damned good time. Your observant nature makes negotiating social situations easy, though your tendency to se... Read more

Cosmic Tourist

You are very observant of your surroundings, and as such have likely keyed in on some kind of higher vibration, which to you feels perfectly natural. As such, you've decided that life itself is transi... Read more

Expert Terrestrial

You've got this life-on-earth thing pretty down. You have no idea if there is life after death, and chances are you don't care (or don't think about it). You're learning, about yourself and your envir... Read more


You're here for some of everything. Knowledge, insight, personal betterment, good food, good wine, and you aim to be just as prolific in whatever worlds may come beyond this one, all while remembering... Read more

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