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You scored: 48 % in "QUALITY TIME", 10% in "GIFTS AND GIVING", 26% in "WORDS OF AFFIRMATION", 18% in "ACTS OF SERVICE" !!

Okay, so now you have taken yet another test--and this all means what?? Your two highest scores are the two languages that you most receive and express love thru--remember everyone needs all five, but there tend to be one or two that rule for people. So, it goes like this: if you scored really high in "words of affirmation"--you would feel really appreciated, and loved if someone wrote you a letter or poem. You would be most hurt if someone spoke harshly or criticized you. And you would wonder why your bf/gf, wife/husband, or even your child, would not feel loved when you have told them as much numerous times (if their primary love language was not "words".) At the risk of re-writing the entire book or idea--if they (your loved one) were to take this test and score really high, in say, the area of "acts of service"---they would say something like this---'yes, you say that you love me but you did not even care when I was sick or you never DO anything thoughtful for me.' And on and on, it goes with all the blends and combinations. My sister's husband found out by doing something as simple as washing up dishes, that my sister would be walking on sunshine for days and dancing to bed that night---quite frankly he also buys her collector versions of 'Barbie's'---LOL--she would score very high in "acts of service" and "gifts"---and yes she has a whole complete center for her wrapping paper!! Without a quiz or real big hoopalah investigation--you could know what your loved ones "love language" is simply by thinking of the one thing that seems to most hurt their feelings--for example my one daughter used to cry if she did not get "one--on--one time"! Her primary love language is "quality time"! There are infinite creative and simplistic ways it seems to express all of the "love languages". Find his or hers and start speaking.. Oh yes, and I had mentioned there then are FIVE love languages, but only room for FOUR categories in this test mode framing--sooo.. The fifth "love language" is "physical affection"---guys who braved the test are you relieved to hear that?? Many, many men have the "physical love language" as their "primary love language" and lots and lots of touchy/feely women! And... that "love language" does not solely mean sex!! It can mean the comfort of the material on a couch or chair---the clothes chosen for someone---meals--and lots of the simple little loving touches, like legs rubbing or hand holding, even the temperature of a room can trigger positive or negative emotions for person whose prominant love language is "physical affection." But to add a bit more info in as to how something like that can play out, or into, the other four gifts---before my brother-in-law and my sister came to understand one another via a weekend get-away for couples that taught this very thing---my brother-in-law would playfully pinch my sister on the butt cheeks---meaning "Hey babe--I love you so much and just wanted to let you know that right here in the kitchen right in front of everybody"---she nearly flat out killed him because she was already running around doing a million errands that she thought would bless him--(remember her primary love language was "acts of service!") She interpreted that as "how mean and rude-I am already running around getting his uniform ready and cooking his dinner (to bless him and scream how much she really, really loved him) and now he just wants me to DO another thing for him--he wants....."! I use this example because I literally watched their marriage improve ten fold after they realized HOW the other one was saying "I LOVE YOU" and when they started saying "I LOVE YOU" so that the other person knew what they meant! My sister suddenly acquired some books on how to give great neck and back massages. And my brother-in-laws second 'love language' was "quality time"--so my sister working hard to earn money for more gifts or out shopping felt like the opposite of love to my brother-in-law. And thus it goes. I used them as examples---because, I obviously was a nuetral party, and because--they are one of those couples that will go on and see deep double digit anniversaries. I did take alot of liberties in writing this test--by simply making up scenarios and questions that I THOUGHT would strengthen the idea of one language over the other; but obviously, this is not exacting as it is fun, and hopefully, bottom line being that it is thought-provoking, and conversation enticing.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Quality Time Distribution

    They scored 48% on Quality Time, higher than 97% of your peers.

  • Gifts Distribution

    They scored 10% on Gifts, higher than 10% of your peers.

  • Words Distribution

    They scored 26% on Words, higher than 38% of your peers.

  • Acts of Service Distribution

    They scored 18% on Acts of Service, higher than 28% of your peers.

All possible test results

Okay, so now you have taken yet another test--and this all means what?? Your two highest scores are the two languages that you most receive and express love thru--remember everyone needs all five, bu... Read more

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