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Captain Jack

You are Captain Jack - handsome, charming and always in the right place. The girls (and boys!) just can't seem to get enough of you. The Doctor can't get enough of you either, as you always seem to turn up just when the time is right. You've taken and dished a few beatings, stayed until the bitter end, and always manage to get out of trouble when it suits you. It's almost like you have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Still, you've made some stupid decisions in your time, and The Doctor isn't likely to let you forget them. In fact, despite your worldliness and age, you still can't seem to keep up with The Doctor as fast as some of his other companions. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • strength Distribution

    They scored 35% on strength, higher than 72% of your peers.

  • intelligence Distribution

    They scored 36% on intelligence, higher than 35% of your peers.

  • friendliness Distribution

    They scored 62% on friendliness, higher than 53% of your peers.

  • escapology Distribution

    They scored 74% on escapology, higher than 79% of your peers.

All possible test results

Kamelion & Peri

Let's face it. You're useless. The Doctor wouldn't even bother to travel with you if he could just get his TARDIS to take you home. You can't break down doors, you don't have a gold star for mathemati... Read more


A "mouth on legs," that's what you are. Can't you do anything besides complain? No, you can't fly the TARDIS. No, you can't rescue Adric. No, you can't even stop complaining about your stupid job as a... Read more


So you're in love with The Doctor. Who wouldn't be, with a gorgeous mug like his? But how much do you actually help him out? Not a whole lot. You're not the one who figures things out, and you're cert... Read more

Jo Grant

You are Jo Grant. You're not the brightest or strongest of the bunch, but your special studies in escapology sure make you useful! Initially, the Doctor may have been annoyed by your lack of skills (e... Read more


You are Adric. Let's be honest: only Tegan likes you. You get into all kinds of trouble, and the Master's constantly trying to kidnap you to use in his evil schemes. You're not even very pleasant to b... Read more

Romana I

You are Romana I. Smart and feisty, you can take care of yourself in most dangerous situations, and perhaps provide some wit to boot. Yet you are not one to dote on the Doctor or hang on his every wor... Read more

Romana II

You are Romana II. While you still retain all your knowledge from the Academy, your time spent traveling with The Doctor has mellowed you a bit, and you and The Doctor now get along quite well. The Do... Read more

Sarah Jane

You are Sarah Jane. You are clever without being arrogant, adventurous without being impatient, and resourceful while still being naive enough to want to stick around with the old geezer. If The Docto... Read more


You are Ace. You are brave, reckless, and likely to be carrying around explosives. It could be said that you are of the "Blow up first, ask questions later" type. The Doctor disapproves of this, and s... Read more


You are Leela. Violent and instinctive, you are a difficult companion to "tame," if you will. You don't trust things that you don't understand, and you don't act nicely towards things you don't trust.... Read more


You are Jamie. You are big, you can smash things, and you absolutely love traveling with The Doctor. You joined up with The Doctor as soon as you go the chance, and you'll remain loyal to him until yo... Read more

Captain Jack

You are Captain Jack - handsome, charming and always in the right place. The girls (and boys!) just can't seem to get enough of you. The Doctor can't get enough of you either, as you always seem to t... Read more


You are K-9. I hate to say it, but you're a tool. Not the "bad" kind of tool, mind you, but the very, very useful kind! You can calculate pi to as many digits as necessary, recite volumes about hypers... Read more

Ian and Barbara

You are Ian & Barbara. Smart, strong and resourceful enough to take care of yourselves, you barely even need The Doctor. In fact, you didn't even want to come on this trip! You don't trust The Doc... Read more

The Brigadier

You are The Brigadier. Strong, Intelligent and generally friendly, you are a loyal ally to have around. No matter how many incarnations the Doctor goes through, there you are, showing up in the nick o... Read more

The Doctor

You are The Doctor. Wait a minute, how did you even get this score? This is supposed to be impossible! Oh, I see: you charmed the guard at the door with your friendly smile, smashed the sea monster i... Read more

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