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You are air and your gemstone is Lapis Lazuli.

2% Emotional, 0% Spiritual, 4% Pragmatic and 10% Artistic!

You are creative above everything else.  Like the midnight blue of lapis your creations are flecked with the gold of inspiration.  You travel into the deep caves high in the mountains of your psyche to find the beauty that you share with the world.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Emotional Distribution

    They scored 2% on Emotional, higher than 4% of your peers.

  • Spiritual Distribution

    They scored 0% on Spiritual, higher than 5% of your peers.

  • Pragmatic Distribution

    They scored 4% on Pragmatic, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • Artistic Distribution

    They scored 10% on Artistic, higher than 99% of your peers.

All possible test results

You are air and your gemstone is Lapis Lazuli.

You are creative above everything else.  Like the midnight blue of lapis your creations are flecked with the gold of inspiration.  You travel into the deep caves high in the mountains of your psy... Read more

You are air/fire and your gemstone is Diamond.

Artistic and firy you epitomize the ultimate act of creation, a flawless white diamond.  You have a spiritual clarity that can not be easily ignored and a depth of being as easily accessible as th... Read more

You are air/water and your gemstone is Malachite.

Your creativity and emotions swirl around each other; bleeding into one another to form a picture of beauty not unlike the rings in a tree.  Like malachite you are multi-layered and unique.  Flaw... Read more

You are air/earth and your gemstone is quartz.

You are creative and pragmatic.  You could easily find a way to market your creative endeavors and be successful.  A rare thing indeed.  Like the quartz you are multi-faceted and effected by the... Read more

You are Earth and your gemstone is Agate.

You are grounded and pragmatic.  You grow in an encapsulated world comprised of your views of the way things work.  In the center of this world though there may be true gems of thought just waiti... Read more

You are earth/air and your gemstone is turquoise.

You bring a sense of realism to all your artistic endeavors.  Not for you are the surrealists and impressionists of the world.  You dream in full color and vivid detail.  Turquoise is as vibrant... Read more

You are earth/fire and your gemstone is Tiger-eye.

Like coals burning low in a stoked fire, you are a realist with a deep spiritual yen.  Like the tiger-eye when brought into the light you glow bright from under a covering of stone. Read more

You are earth/water and your gemstone is Sapphire.

Just as sapphire is formed in the center of the earth yet reflects a blue as deep as the heart of the ocean, so do you demonstrate an emotional depth buried within a pragmatic exterior.  Though re... Read more

You are fire/water and your gemstone is Fire Opal.

You have a strong spiritual side.  However, it can be easily undermined by an undercurrent of negative emotions.  Take a lesson from the Fire Opal.  It is the embodiment of the sun and fire, yet... Read more

You are fire and your gemstone is Citrine.

You are a ball of spiritual energy and fire.  Like you your gemstone citrine sparkles with orange and yellow light, showing to it's greatest advantage during the day.  It is no coincidence that S... Read more

You are fire/air and your gemstone is ruby.

Your artistic side feeds your spiritual, just as a fire can not burn without oxygen.  The ruby is a constant shimmering oasis, of light and beauty.  Just as you yourself are. Read more

You are fire/earth and your gemstone is Carnelian.

Your fire is built on solid ground and burns constant.  Like the steady bright red/orange of carnelian your energy will never go out.  You must take care though that the pragmatic side of your natu... Read more

You are water and your gemstone is opal.

Your test results show that your energy is very emotional.  From this I can determine that your element is water and your gemstone is opal.  Opal is water turned to stone, vibrant and beautiful i... Read more

You are water/earth and your gemstone is pearl.

You live in a place where ocean meets the land.  Though strongly emotional you have a realistic side that allows you to see two sides of a coin at once.  Like the pearl you have a center of stron... Read more

You are water/air and your gemstone is Labradorite.

Water and air are very complimentary elements.  Emotion feeds artistry and artistry can lead to emotional healing and realization.  Just as air can stir water into wave, so can an artistic nature... Read more

You are water/fire and your gemstone is Moonstone.

There is a strong paradox in your nature.    Water is stronger than your fire and often has a tendency to overwhelm that side of you.  Your negative emotions can keep you from realizing your fu... Read more

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