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Blood Type B

% 50

Type B

More Common In: China, Indonesia, Hungary, Korea, Vietnam
Less Common In: Great Britain, Portugal, Ireland, Brazil, Scandinavia

Best Traits: Creative, selfless, passionate, animal loving, usually more optimistic, devoted, flexible, fun, easy-going, individualist
Worst Traits: Forgetful, irresponsible, careless, sometimes clueless, often lazy, tends to procrastinate

Element of Strength: Water
Season of Strength: Autumn
Feeling of Strength: Emotion
Arcana of Strength: Cups
Signs of Strength: Pieces, Cancer, Scorpio

Sins of Fault: Sloth, Gluttony

Famous B’s: Akira Kurosawa, Paul McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mia Farrow, Tom Selleck

Summery: Type B’s thrive on doing what it takes to achieve the happiness they want. For them, living a satisfying, fulfilling life is the most important goal out there. There’s no point in getting that job, being with that person, or taking that path if they can’t be happy and do what they enjoy and love to do. They believe choosing a path just because money or fame lies at the end of it is taking the foolish path, and will lead to consequences of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

B’s are fun and easy to get along with. If they know someone doesn’t like them, they don’t whine, throw insults, or plot revenge, they simply laugh it off or merely ignore the person without making a big deal about it. After all, who cares what they think, right? Their loss.

Type B’s, however, may often have a problem taking things seriously at times. Most make great friends, but have a tendency to laugh or let their attention wonder when the timing is inappropriate. They may do it with intentions of cheering another person up and only end up making the person feel worse. B’s can be very careless, and jump right into something without putting enough thought into what they’re getting themselves into. The same way A’s pay too much attention to detail and miss the big picture, B’s are the exact opposite in often forgetting all about the detail. They see the big picture of things right from the start, and see no reason to take it apart just to be able to understand the image.

Type B’s are the most selfless type. They care very much for the well-being of their family, friends, and partners, and like to see and make them happy. If they have a friend or family member get down or enter a period of depression, they’ll do whatever they can to help snap them out of it. If the person in need fails to respond, type B’s will eventually become fed-up and angry, and result to using their harsher side. It angers them very much to see others screwing-up their lives and hear them hopelessly complain about it when they’re making no real effort to fix it. When Type B’s throw anger fits, they can be very extreme and drastic. B’s ESPECIALLY get angry when someone they care about is in real danger. B’s are initially more dominant than submissive, but are overall the most evenly split between the two. They know when to step forward, but still know there are times when it’s better to step back.

However, when B’s are hit by a big misfortune it can affect them greater than it affects the other types. The reason for this is the fact that type B’s are usually not nearly as accustomed to dealing with serious problems for themselves as the other types, as great as they are at helping others with their problems. They don’t mind helping others through the tough times, they just don’t want any real tragedy for themselves. Because of this, a type B may opt to runaway from confronting certain problems for long periods of time, thinking that if they run long enough, the problems will eventually stop chasing them and disappear.

The nature of type B’s often makes them more prone to acts of carelessness and foolishness. Being the most open-minded, type B’s often don’t mind trying new things, despite the number of risks that may be involved. However, they may once again jump foolishly into something without putting enough thought behind their actions or what they could potentially be getting themselves into, only to later find themselves in a big mess. Type B’s also tend to have the poorest memory recollection (or just 'short-term memory' in general). They may open the refrigerator and decide they need some milk, go to the grocery store, and then get back with a ton of other things only to realize they forgot to buy the milk. They aren’t especially good with staying ‘on schedule’ and often find themselves arriving late somewhere or remembering something at the last second. They also tend to remember faces better than names.

Type B’s are also sometimes prone to being lazy. Once in awhile, they may spend hours at a time in front of the television or on the computer, or in something like meditation or simply spending time sitting at a favourite spot admiring the scenery. They may go to bed two hours early or wake-up two hours late. B’s are the best at relaxing, and love all the more to relax; mind, body, and spirit. They often find themselves tired in the morning, throughout the day, or earlier than they’d like to be, especially after a long day at work or school. B’s are often drawn to products containing sugar and caffeine, such as chocolates and coffees.

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