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Blood Type O

% 38

Type O

More Common In: The United States, Great Britain, Australia, Russia, Brazil, the Middle East
Less Common In: Korea, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kalmia, Tartaric

Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust, self-confident, determined, opinionated, adaptable, good at making people laugh
Worst Traits: Arrogant, insensitive, self-centered, bitter, apathetic, impatient, disruptive

Element of Strength: Fire
Season of Strength: Summer
Feeling of Strength: Invitation
Arcana of Strength: Wands
Signs of Strength: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius

Sin of Fault: Pride

Famous O’s: Al Capone, Ronald Reagan, Queen Elizabeth, Elvis Presley, John Lennon

Summery: O is ‘the founding blood’, being it’s the oldest. At one time way back in evolution, everyone had type O blood. Because of this, O’s are the most adaptable to their surroundings. They can weather the desert, the tundra, the jungle, you name it. They can weather through situations just as well. They believe in the classic ‘survival of the fittest’. Even if they have one obstacle thrown at them after the other, they never give up, and continue to conquer one before moving onto the next. They don’t like unfinished business.

O’s do not like being pushed around, and will simply not have it. They believe in doing things for themselves in their own way, and their way alone. They can be very bad at settling arguments and debates, but are very good at starting them. A type O will not back down from a challenge; no matter how small, or how big. If they want something, they are going to do and give whatever it takes to get it. The problem is they do not like the word ‘no’, and hence will result to very drastic measures just to obtain what they desire in the end if all else fails. O’s are often looking out for ‘number one’, and do things accordingly to how well they feel they will benefit.

As a whole, O’s tell it like it is. They won’t hesitate to tell another person exactly what they think of them, unless it somehow puts their own self at a disadvantage. If someone doesn’t like them or what they think, that someone can either back down or be in for a fight or debate. Type O’s can be very disregarding when it comes to the feelings of those around them. To put it short, they either don’t care, or don’t want to care. In times of pain, they may think that not caring will make the pain go away.

O’s tend to hide their pain behind other emotions. They do not like people to perceive them as anything but strong, despite whatever weaknesses they know they have. They dislike it even more when people ‘try to reach them’, 'try to save them', or lecture them, because they’re sure they don’t need help from anyone else and often take it as an insult. O’s can enjoy solitude, but are not as big on solitude as AB’s, however, because they simply can’t take the boredom. They always like to be occupied, physically, or mentally, in something. If they get bored enough, they’re bound to find something to fill their schedule; rather it’s trying a new sport, pursuing a brand new occupation, or inventing some new challenge to get-past right out of the blue. O’s often have many friends or the potential to, but the friends are normally O’s by majority, because O’s have the hardest time getting along with other types outside their own. Type O’s enjoy spending time with people like themselves who have the same interests, the same opinions, and the same tastes. Because of this, O’s can be prone to outcasting people they feel are too different from them. They enjoy picking on type A’s in particular.

Type O’s love to win and hate to lose. When they win, their already colossal ego gets bigger. When they lose, well... it’s not acceptable for them. Rather a poker game or a race or an arm-wrestling match, a type O can be expected to demand a rematch again and again until they either win or get bored enough to make an excuse. Type O’s often find themselves in situations where they’re making excuses, and are good at facading and lying. When they lie, they often feel no guilt, as once again, they’re mostly looking out for themselves above all else.

O’s don’t mind taking chances, and usually live more varied lives. They look for fun and opportunity wherever they can find them, and since they often don’t weigh the ups and downs when it comes to possible outcomes to situations, they’ll enter the situation with only the outcome they’re expecting in mind – be it good or bad. This is why O’s are neither optimists, nor pessimists. They lie in between.

Many O’s also love gambling and participating in bets, since they’re constantly trying to prove themselves and what they stand for. However, they have to be careful not to get carried away with just how much they try to prove themselves. It can often lead to some very poor decisions and even larger mistakes, and if there’s one thing a type O really hates, it’s the feeling of regret. Unfortunately, they’ll often turn around and make the same mistakes over again just to prove they can conquer the tasks in the way they’d like to – never realizing the fact that sometimes, it’s better to throw in the towel. Many type O’s tend to be more choleric, irritable, and easily angered, as well as easily annoyed by those who disagree with their opinions and way of doing things.

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