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Blood Type A

% 44

Type A

More Common In: Japan, Korea, Egypt, Greece, Germany, Spain
Less Common In: China, Vietnam, Albania, the Philippines, Kenya

Best Traits: Conservative, passionate, intelligent, formal, patient, punctual, perfectionist, analytical, good with plants
Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, insecure, self-conscious, uptight, anxious, on-edge

Element of Strength: Earth
Season of Strength: Winter
Feeling of Strength: Sensation
Arcana of Strength: Pentacles
Signs of Strength: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Sins of Fault: Envy, Greed

Famous A’s: George H. W. Bush, O. J. Simpson, Adolph Hitler, Richard Nixon, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff

Summery: Type A’s believe in only doing the best, producing the best, getting the best, and giving the best. If it’s not ‘the’ very best, it’s flawed. If they’re not ‘the’ very best, they’re flawed.

Type A Blood is known as ‘the desired blood’ in Japan, meaning this is the blood type considered the most desired to have. It supposedly contributes the most to self-preservation, as in “People with this blood type don’t exactly look their age...” because it’s actually believed that you age slower than the other types due to A’s circulatory agglutinate properties. There has been a recent surging of type A blood throughout Japan over the years because of this.

Type A’s are both intelligent and artistic because of the amount of time they spend thinking, contemplating, and perfecting. They have the highest standards. They excel in careers such as engineering, graphic design, fashion design, law practice, architecture, landscaping, investigation, medical research, and those relating to science, technology, and art. They can also excel in careers such as modeling, acting, and those in the music industry. Type A's are also the most likely to be 'computer nerds' or 'geeks', though that's not a bad thing!

Type A’s are very good at solving problems and finding answers to questions through tactical means. They tend to believe the greatest power is that of the one’s own self desire and mind.

A’s like making a good appearance for the public, and usually care about what others think of them. They like looking attractive, beautiful (or sexy), and eye-catching at all times possible. Not all A's are obsessed with their appearances, but many are, and tend to pay the most attention to the detail of their wardrobes, accessories, and hair. Type A’s adore compliments, but often can’t tolerate a little criticism. Basically, they love all the attention they can possibly get, so long as it’s possitive. The problem is A’s want to feel wanted & important at all times, and yet feel they can’t do this alone. They often require other people to supply them their confidence, and how much they are or aren’t being supplied with has a large impact on their everyday mood and mentality.

Paying too much attention to detail and not enough to the big picture can get them. Type A’s have a hard time understanding the simple fact that other people don’t always think or see things exactly the way they do, and can misinterpret or become confused by those who disagree with them – especially type O’s. Type A’s may have a hard time seeing things the way others do because they normally don’t care to when one's opinion seems outright 'ridiculous' to them. If they think someone else’s differing opinions are stupid or insignificant, they see no point in trying to understand where someone else is coming from in the first place, though they will make efforts from time to time. It is also very hard to yield a type A’s opinion once they’ve made-up their mind about something.

A’s tend to have the best memories. When their day comes to a close, they can often remember every single detail of every single thing that took place. They can remember many things from very early ages with almost crystal clarity. However, this makes the past all the more hard to ever forget or let go of. Type A’s are frequently haunted by the past on a regular basis, and the events that took place in the past have a greater effect on a type A mentally in their following years than they do on the other types. Even when they want to let go, they usually cannot.

Type A’s are considered to have the most fragile psyche, and often spend too much time debating on the best way to do something, or more or less trying to decipher ‘the right path to take’ out of the infinite many. Even if there’s a million different ways to get something done, type A’s believe there’s still a best way out of the million, and will go out of their way to find it. Having to ‘be the best’ at everything, along with having everyone expect them to be likewise, can get to them.

A’s often do not like change or taking unsure chances when they do not have a good enough idea of what the outcome will be like. They often picture the effect before the cause. Once they reach middle-age, they usually tend to live a rather routine lifestyle with their career or occupation of choice. However, type A’s often find themselves wanting more out of life, and even it seems as if they have everything they’ve ever wanted, they still want more. A’s are often jealous of what other people have just because it’s something they don’t. They like fame, fortune, and to be recognized for all of their achievements.

Type A’s are usually the most submissive (but hey, not all A's), and have a tendency to get walked on without even knowing it due to their refusal to believe it could be happening to them in the first place. Even if they’re the red carpet, they’re often the main attraction for getting walked-on because of it. They can let a little criticism from others drive them crazy or send them into a depression period. Relationships are often hectic due to the fact that ‘the perfect relationship’ doesn’t really exist, yet a type A doesn’t want anything less than perfection. They want exactly what they want, how they want it, when they want it. A’s who let their envy and greed get far enough have a high potential of letting it reach insane levels, thus transforming their mental state into one of insanity as well. Most, of course, never let it progress this far.

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