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Their result for The Are you a racist Test ...

Color-blind diplomat

You scored 14 Narcissistic, 10 Racist, 10 Intolerant, and 16 Closed-minded!

The world could use more people like you. Fighting for peace and equality is hard work. You are pretty darn awesome. Thank you for taking my test and please be sure and keep up the great work.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Narcissistic Distribution

    They scored 14% on Narcissistic, higher than 18% of your peers.

  • Racist Distribution

    They scored 10% on Racist, higher than 17% of your peers.

  • Intolerant Distribution

    They scored 10% on Intolerant, higher than 22% of your peers.

  • Closed-minded Distribution

    They scored 16% on Closed-minded, higher than 26% of your peers.

All possible test results

Color-blind diplomat

The world could use more people like you. Fighting for peace and equality is hard work. You are pretty darn awesome. Thank you for taking my test and please be sure and keep up the great work. Read more

Old fasioned liberal

There are a few things that you are conservative about but you are definitely no racist. You can hang out at my house anytime. Read more

Cool and open-minded

You scored a little bit high on my intolerance indicator. But well low on everything else. Be confident that you are NOT a racist and your mom raised you well. Read more

Finnicky but cool

From time to time you are intolerant of others beliefs and not down with change, however - you would be fine in another country and probably have plenty of friends outside your race. Way to go. Read more

Proud to be you

You are basically open minded and fairly cultured. But there is a foundation for racism in your past. I'm sure you get along fine with anyone but do feel a little more comfortable surrounded by peopl... Read more

A little bit racist

We both know it. You would rather be with people of your own race. And that's okay. You are set in your ways and while you are a long way from being militant - you are not the most open-minded person ... Read more

Just a wee racist

You are not the most progressive person on the planet but that's okay. Overall you are open-minded and definitely not going to insult anyone anytime soon. You are proud of your race and wouldn't chang... Read more

50's old timer

If the year was 1950 you would be considered very progressive. However, given the changes between then and now you probably wouldn't mind rolling the clock back on a couple of civil rights issues. You... Read more

Undercover racist

In a lot of ways you are open minded and progressive. But when it comes to race you could probably support segregation. You think your race is better than anyone else's but you are at least open minde... Read more

Classic Racist

You love your race and nobody can tell you different. It's unlikely that you would hurt anyone and you can live with the current social scene. But you see problems with integration, distrust change an... Read more

New age Racist

So you are a racist. You know that all ready. But what's interesting is you also show signs of being a little bit progressive. It's an interesting contrast. Some people would argue that there's a diff... Read more

Die hard racist

You are not the MOST racist person who has taken this test but you may be hanging out with that person later. You disagree with race mixing and feel superior to others. At times you may not see people... Read more

Nice and arrogant

Hey you aren't a racist but you do probably think you have all the answers. Which is fine because at least you are open to differing opinions. It doesn't look like you are a racist and it appears you... Read more

A real know it all

So even though you aren't racist you aren't afraid to discriminate. You have your way of life and you wish everyone else would get with the program. This discrimination doesn't appear to be race speci... Read more

He who loves himself

(Or she...) You know, i like you. But i wish you would actually listen to other opinions once in a while. You assume that your opinions are superior no matter what type of evidence points otherwise. R... Read more

One tough cookie

This is a very interesting score. So you are NOT racist. Which is cool. But you are kinda closed minded and not open to dissenting opinions. You discriminate against people that don't agree with you,... Read more

Fun racist

You are just a little tiny bit racist. Not for the same reasons for as most racist people. For you it appears the reason is because you are so much cooler than anyone else that your race becomes coole... Read more

Nice enough

Sure you think that you are right 99% of the time and not that keen on change. And you think your race is pretty darn cool. But you are willing to try and be harmonious even if in the back of your min... Read more

About average

Sorry but you don't exactly go either way. While you are clearly not a hardcore racist - you also are not the most progressive test taker here. If you had to pick you would probably be okay with other... Read more

The Discriminator

There is actually a lot of people way more racist than you. You may think you are racist but you are basically not. That does not mean however, that you aren't intolerant and exhibiting a superiority ... Read more

The fun racist

You may not like or trust people that don't look and talk like you, but at least you have learned to accept it. You know your way is the best and that is enough. You don't have to go out and prove it ... Read more

Racist 4 life

There is a lot of problems in this world and most of it is caused by some other race. At least that is how you see things. No matter what color you are - it's unlikely you have any friends outside tha... Read more

Uber Racist

You could be a smidge more racist. You must be feeling open minded for some reason today. But overall you like people that look and talk like you. And you don't trust different cultures or skin tones.... Read more

Grand Wizard Racist

You are the most racist person that you know. Or if not you compete with that person. You are closed minded and have a superiority complex. You may be dangerous to anyone who does not agree with you. ... Read more

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