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37% Talkative and 96% Informed!

You are Obi-Wan.

Alec Guinness, not Ewan McGregor. Please.

You are marked by your intelligence and reluctance to speak unless you have something really, really important to say. You know a great deal about movies, possibly everything, but you're unlikely to spill the beans.

In fact, given how much you know, you're a little too quiet. You know, for instance, the answer to the first question in this quiz, but when Luke asks you point blank, you lie to him. Maybe he wasn't ready for a spoiler of that magnitude, but it was still kind of a dick move to lie, Obi-Wan.

Movie-Dating Advice: As befits your title, you'd do best with a young Jedi trainnee: a Quiet Civilian who needs to see more movies, or a Charlie Chaplin or Robot Chicken whose taciturn ways make you look like a Chatty Cathy. Your Yoda (as all-knowing as you are, but more talkative) is the Cinephile.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Talkative Distribution

    They scored 37% on Talkative, higher than 21% of your peers.

  • Informed Distribution

    They scored 96% on Informed, higher than 97% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Hermit

You are the Hermit.   You don't see movies and you don't talk about movies. Seriously, you don't do movies. You are like Tyler Durden in Fight Club (which y... Read more

Silent Cal

You are Silent Cal. "Silent" Calvin Coolidge was the 30th President of the United States, in power from 1923-1929. He witnessed the birth of Hollywood but was more concerned... Read more

The Innocent

You are the Innocent. Why, hello there! Welcome to movies! I kid, I kid. But really, you are awfully naive. Like your close sister, The Child, you ha... Read more

The Child

You are a Child. Not literally, of course. OkCupid is for adults. But in many ways, you are young. So very, very, young. You haven't seen very many movies, and you don't qui... Read more

Robot Chicken

You are Robot Chicken. Brilliant but socially terrified. The classic nerd. In fact, in a brilliant meta-feat, you probably love watching the show after which you are named. ... Read more


You are Obi-Wan. Alec Guinness, not Ewan McGregor. Please. You are marked by your intelligence and reluctance to speak unless you have something really, real... Read more

That Guy

You are That Guy. You know, That Guy. Who's the one who starts a conversation cold with "Hey, did you see that movie, [Name of Movie That Just Came Out Yesterday], ... Read more

The Classic Spoiler

You are the Classic Spoiler. Well-informed and just a little too chatty, you are probably outgoing, friendly, and enjoy a wide variety of films. After you see them, you real... Read more

The Cine-Ass

You are the Cine-Ass. Loud, obnoxious, and moderately but not completely well-informed -- in other words, French -- you, the Cine-ass, are distinguished by your ina... Read more

The Jerk

You are a Jerk. You go out of your way to wreck movies but you know nothing about them! This is by far the weirdest possible result you could get. It's possible you'r... Read more

The Buffoon

You are the Buffoon. Your movie knowledge is average to low, but that doesn't stop you from violating all social norms and wrecking the few movies you have seen. Like a leak... Read more

The Chatty Civilian

You are the Chatty Civilian. You have an average knowledge of movies as a whole, and are slightly too talkative about them. You hang out at the water cooler, itching to disc... Read more

Charlie Chaplin

You are Charlie Chaplin. Well-informed. Silent. Rocking the mustache. Like your contemporary Silent Cal, you've witnessed the birth of Hollywood. Unl... Read more

Comic Book Guy

You are Comic Book Guy. Super-informed and likely (but not guaranteed) to piss off your friends, you are Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, and indeed every comic bo... Read more

The Cinephile

You are the Cinephile. Exceedingly well-informed and erring just on the side of caution when it comes to spoilers, you are the perfect movie-going companion. You know... Read more

The Good Movie-Goer

You are a Good Movie-Goer. Nice job! You know your stuff, and you are the paragon of even-handed manners. You never spoil anyone's movie, and you also don't spoil their ... Read more

The Quiet Civilian

You are the Quiet Civilian. Like Milton in Office Space, you are moderately informed, but quiet. You lurk in the shadows, mumbling about your stapler, but never abo... Read more

The Civilian

You are the Civilian. Some people watch every single film that's ever come out, and remember every single fact forever. Some people never watch anything. Some people are jer... Read more

The Statistical Anomaly

You are a Statistical Anomaly. Hm, something went wrong. If you get this result immediately from the quiz, please a href="http://www.okcupid.com/mai... Read more

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