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You scored 79%The Hero, 59 % The Civilian, 69 % The Dead and 54 % The Undead!

CONGRADUALATIONS YOU'VE SURVIVED!!! The test anyway. Lets see what your results mean! PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY TEST SO I CAN FIX THIS GLITCH! IVE NOTICED NO ONE HAS EMAILED ME SO I MOVE THIS MESSAGE HERE. PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU CAN HELP! AND IF YOUR A PRICK WHO THINKS YOU SHOULD STEAL MY IDEA FOR A TEST AND MAKE A HALF-ASSED VERSION AND CALL IN THE NON-LAME VERSION, YOU SHOULD REALLY JUST FUCK OFF! THE HERO: Either you have been waiting for a day like this or you just happen to be that "grab the bull by the horns" type of person. You survived because of your charisma and ability to keep a grasp on the situation. You fought not only for your survival but for the survival of others and they rallied under you, so whether you wanted to be or not you were made leader and the life of your companions were thrust into your hands. -OR- You only looked out for number one and by using your unique combat abilities and natural instict for survival you fight to live another day or fight to fight another day, however your outlook on your new life is. THE CIVILIAN: You lived and possibly your family as well and thats all that matters. You helped whenever you could but couldn't bring yourself be responsible for the lives of others. You may have survived because of your intellegent or heart based descisions that aimed towards finding your family or other survivors and the chance hope that all this will be fixed in no time soon. -OR- You survived simply by living off the effort of others. You could have contributed more if you weren't so in shock and got your act together, you may have even put the lives of others at risk for your own survival. THE DEAD: Congrats you're not a zombie but you obviously fucked up or pissed someone off. Several things could have happened that set you up for a "dirt nap", so lets go over a few. You were waaaay selfish. You had no regard for other peoples lives and thought only for yourself, you may have been cought eating extra rations and that "was the straw that broke the camels back", so one of your mates put a bullet in you. You could have been way to trusting of other people, you did whatever you were told without question or just believed that everyone is here to help. You could have been protecting your home and resources, just doing the right thing, but, someone else thought they needed them more than you. -OR- You were just to much of an open vigilante, you thought you were playing the role of hero but ended up being capped because you burned the trust of your companions by taking unnecessary risks, not respecting the opinions of others, or blatenly risking the lives of others, not to try to get them killed in your mind, but it sure looked like it to them. THE UNDEAD: Bleeding, moaning, smelly, dead. You really could have made some better choices but maybe its just in your character that you ended up with this score. Its actually difficult to explain why you ended up in this category other than you made really wrong choices after the outbreak. You could have been to trusting of corporations or even the military and ended up being a casualty of an experiment that was spose to be controlled. You also could have set your self up for deadly predicaments, travelling alone, no weapons, lack of youthfulness, inability to operate logically, or even having to much heart and trying to help those who were already too far gone. Seeing your loved one become one of those "things" may have convinced you that there is no hope and you should share the same fate. ANYWAY. I hope you enjoyed my little test and even found it insightful to your character because, as a great writer once wrote "Only in a land filled with the dead are we finally forced to start living." a nice metaphor that says only in such a horrific catastrophy are we really going to show our true face, our real character. Anyway cool, glad you took my test. Peace.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • The Hero Distribution

    They scored 79% on The Hero, higher than 93% of your peers.

  • The Civilian Distribution

    They scored 59% on The Civilian, higher than 69% of your peers.

  • The Dead Distribution

    They scored 69% on The Dead, higher than 80% of your peers.

  • The Undead Distribution

    They scored 54% on The Undead, higher than 53% of your peers.

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