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8 Animal sign

Kind, considerate, sensitive. That is you in a nutshell gentle Sheep people! You are very easy-going and like the quiet life. Sheep seem to get along with everyone, but that is not always the case. You Sheep folk can be so non-confrontational that people don't always know if you dislike them! Many Sheep are skilled in the arts in some way or another. What you lack in aggression you make up for with creativity. Some people seem to think you are a bit of a pushover. Little do they know you are skilled at getting your own way without even being noticed! You have a very romantic soul Sheep people. You best love matches are with someone supportive and encouraging. Try it out with a Rabbit, Pig or Horse.
Rats, Roosters, Dogs and Oxen are your worst matches. Beware: The Ox is your worst choice for love or friendship!

Below are the actual dates for the year of the Sheep.
Feb. 5 1943 - Jan. 24 1944,
Jan. 24 1955 - Feb. 11 1956,
Feb. 9 1967 - Jan. 29 1968,
Jan. 28 1979 - Feb. 15 1980,
Feb. 15 1991 - Feb. 3 1992,
Feb. 1 2003 - Jan. 21 2004

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    They scored 8% on Animal sign, higher than 64% of your peers.

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Congrats Rats! (that was lame sorry) You are the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac! Rat peeps are very clever and the little wheels in your head are always turning. You have bounds of energy and wisd... Read more


Wow an Ox! That is remarkable indeed because you hard working Ox folk are the least likely to waste your time on silly tests like this! Ox people are known for their honesty, determination and hard wo... Read more


You are the lucky charm of all the animals! You have massive amounts of energy, always ready for any challenge. Speaking of challenges, you have a competitive streak a mile wide! Tigers are a tad bit... Read more


Sweet gentle Rabbit people; you are the sign of peace. You are very diplomatic and wise. Your friends have probably never heard you raise your voice! You like the finer things in life. Rabbits sure h... Read more


Fiery Dragon people, you are the rebels of the zodiac! You can identify with that "live free or die" stuff. You are very independent and cause a stir where ever you go. Dragons don't like to do anyth... Read more


Snake people you are the mystics of the Zodiac! You are the coolest creatures around. Everyone is curious about you; you are so mysterious and often sexy without trying! You are great in a crisis; alm... Read more


Friendly, cheerful, strong, these are a few of your many fine points lively Horse people! You enjoy your freedom, and make a great leader. You aren't the shy, sensitive type. You have much energy and ... Read more


Kind, considerate, sensitive. That is you in a nutshell gentle Sheep people! You are very easy-going and like the quiet life. Sheep seem to get along with everyone, but that is not always the case. Yo... Read more


Monkey people you are the fun-loving pranksters of the zodiac! Hell raiser also comes to mind. You are incredibly bright and curious about everything. No one will be bored for long around you. Clever ... Read more


Outspoken, flamboyant, brutally honest. That's you dashing Rooster folks! You are known for being tough and courageous. You may be prone to perfectionism; you have a great eye for detail. At times yo... Read more


Cheerleader, counselor, giver. These are just a few names for you generous Dog folks! You really are a people person. Always ready to lend a helping hand to everyone you come across. Dogs are no fair-... Read more


Patient, sincere, caring. Just a few adjectives to describe your lovely personality charming Pig folk! You have a great deal of patience and warmth. Pigs can be counted on to go to extra mile for fami... Read more


Error! Please select only one animal. Read more

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