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Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)

The Con Man Cop

You were a bad man once, using your enviable skills to bilk people out of their life savings. Then a good woman saved you, but you couldn't save her. Guilt turned you to the side of good, but couldn't quite extinguish the twinkle in your eye. Solving crime is fun for you, almost too easy. Your interogation technique involves pissing people off so much that they tell the truth...the hypnotism ain't bad either. You're a con man for justice. You have an agenda for vengence against your wife's killer as well, so sometimes you let down the people who trust you...but never in the long run. You might not be dependable as a human being, but as a sleuth you are solid as a rock.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Pure Distribution

    They scored 2% on Pure, higher than 33% of your peers.

  • Taste Distribution

    They scored -1% on Taste, higher than 11% of your peers.

  • Brutality Distribution

    They scored -21% on Brutality, higher than 3% of your peers.

  • extroversion Distribution

    They scored 19% on extroversion, higher than 69% of your peers.

  • reasoning Distribution

    They scored 45% on reasoning, higher than 88% of your peers.

  • intellect Distribution

    They scored 40% on intellect, higher than 84% of your peers.

  • range Distribution

    They scored -2% on range, higher than 36% of your peers.

  • respect_given Distribution

    They scored 13% on respect_given, higher than 65% of your peers.

  • respect_recieved Distribution

    They scored 10% on respect_recieved, higher than 25% of your peers.

  • bravery Distribution

    They scored 5% on bravery, higher than 8% of your peers.

  • interpersonal_skills Distribution

    They scored 4% on interpersonal_skills, higher than 48% of your peers.

  • Quirkiness Distribution

    They scored 26% on Quirkiness, higher than 75% of your peers.

All possible test results

Sherlock Holmes

I bow to the master. You are the detective that others aspire to be, brilliant, respected, and driven. Not that you're perfect of course, there is that slight cocaine de... Read more

Charlie Chan

You are quite possibly the calmest detective of all time. It must be the whole Buddhist/Confucius thing, as Confucius said, "The superior man is modest in his speech, bu... Read more

Nick Charles (The Thin Man)

Bring on the martinis and the canapes, it's time to solve a murder! With Nora and Asta at your side, there is no crime you can't solve as long as the cocktails keep flow... Read more

Hercule Poirot

You might be fussy and a bit of a snob, but you are one heck of a fine detective. What you lack in brawn, you more than make up for with brain. You live to solve crimes.... Read more

Miss Jane Marple

The Rambo of little old ladies. Miss Marple may be a spinster who loves tending her garden, but woe to those servants of evil who underestimate her. She is a juggernaut ... Read more

Jessica Fletcher (Murder, She Wrote)

You wanted to be Miss Marple and you did a pretty good job. You're very smart and perceptive and people really like you, There are differences, however. For one thing... Read more

Nero Wolfe

You've got a big problem, you love solving crimes, but you're not terribly fond of people and especially not women. Even worse, you won't leaving your impeccable and com... Read more

Mike Hammer

Why ask nicely when you can just bash somebody's face in. You conduct you investigations the way a bull shops in a china-store. Nowadays they call your interview techniq... Read more

Harry Callahan (Dirty Harry)

You're every bit as tough as Mike Hammer and a genuine cop to boot. Not only that, but you're smart and well-liked, not by crooks, of course, they buy insurance policies... Read more

Philip Marlowe

You are the thinking man's gumshoe. After a tough night of drinking and chasing criminals, you like to enjoy a nice game of chess or even read some poetry. That doesn't ... Read more

Sam Spade

You are the gumshoe's gumshoe, hard-drinking and tough-talking with a gritty obsession for justice. Cool an a cucumber and unencumbered by sentiment, you always get y... Read more

Sean Spenser (Psych)

No one has more fun with a murder than you do. With the combined skills of Sherlock Holmes, Bozo the Clown, and the Amazing Kreskin, you manage to crack any case that... Read more

Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)

You were a bad man once, using your enviable skills to bilk people out of their life savings. Then a good woman saved you, but you couldn't save her. Guilt turned you to... Read more

Robert Goren (Law and Order, Criminal Intent)

A pro's pro with a bit of Sigmund Freud thrown in. You are the king of creative interogation as you stand, head cocked, and brilliantly unravel the suspect in front of y... Read more


You've made an art out of being under-estimated by criminals. Not that you can blame them, you come across as the love-child of Deputy Dawg and a cabbage patch kid. You ... Read more

Inspector Clouseau

God favors the fool and you are living proof. No matter how many wrong conclusions you make, you always stumble back to the truth. You are honest and love justice and yo... Read more

Adrian Monk

You are by far the most psychologically-challenged of all the sleuths. As an obsessive compulsive clean-freak with more phobias than The Colonel has chickens, it's a won... Read more

Nancy Drew

While most of your friends are at the mall buying clothes, you are probably in some creepy mansion tracking down a murderer. You are athletic, poly-lingual and awfully s... Read more

Clarice Starling (Silence of the Lambs)

Smart, ambitious,and dedicated, you are also unrelenting in your pursuit of justice. The FBI is your life and they're lucky to have you. You are a master interogator,... Read more

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