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Their result for The Basic Alt. Fashion Test ...

The Mediator!

You scored 60% in Alternativeness and 57% in Media-influenced!!

Who do you think you are, juggling from one culture to the next, advocating everything?

One heck of a loony. My kind of loony!

You take what you see, you blend it with three other elements at high speed for 15 minutes, then you apply it and wear it casually. I'd say you are probably a... hip-hop gothic raver squee-gee, if you didn't have access to the internet in the first place.

Yeah, speaking of which... the internet is probably where you get all this. The latest in sub-cultures. You may be one of the first american girls who dressed up as Japanese Lolitas, or even the first Nirvana fan.

Your motto: "Whatever works, baby, whatever works..."

(On picture: Johnny Depp, actor, and Marylin Manson, entertainer)

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • alternativeness Distribution

    They scored 60% on alternativeness, higher than 59% of your peers.

  • media-influence Distribution

    They scored 57% on media-influence, higher than 91% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Lazy Fuck!

My, you just couldn't care less, could you? Chances are you just forgot to choose an answer to the majority of questions in this test, and just scored ultra-low in the few you actually clicked on. You... Read more

The Hermit!

It seems very little gets to you. While the media can and does penetrate your nimbus of mystery (probably through MSN Today or some other unsolicitated Internet news-spamming coverage), you cannot or ... Read more

The Subdued!

You try to blend in. God, Buddah, Krishna and Allah, and probably SpongeBob too, knows you try to blend in. I'd say it's because you are not even vaguely aware that there is something else for you to ... Read more

The Fashionista!

You are, my friend, up there. You LIKE the fashion world, oh my God do you like it.However, you appear to discern little beside it. People of your type read about it, follow trends, consume ev... Read more

100% Assimilated!

Regrettably, and most probably, you don't see anything beside the Silver Ring Thing, CNN and MTV -without the sexual appeal, of course. It's almost scary.There is speculation that you are deep... Read more

The Geek!

Oh yeah. Internet porn does have its perks, huh?But, you're also unsure of what to make of yourself in a social context. Hey, I don't blame you: I don't quite know what to make of your result,... Read more

The Alien!

Geez! Who *ARE* you?I know it is silly to ask. You probably cannot even define yourself. From where I'm from, we would call you 'straight' - you know of this, you know of that, you accept it, ... Read more

The Poseur!

Or, The Person Who Knew Too Little Of Something, Yet Too Much Of Something Else. If you consider yourself alternative in your lifestyle, you are lacking something, probably taking in too much from the... Read more

The Hip Scholar!

You enjoy it, you flaunt it, you change it. The mass media knows you, and you know it. You take the cool along with the school, and while you assimilate easily whatever's out there that differs from y... Read more

The Leader

You egocentric you.We know your dirty little secret. How come? You wear it, silly! You decided long ago that you would tower above the meddling little people and go all-out in your endorsement... Read more

The Clueless!

Hm. You are definitely attracted to sub-cultures.But you obviously don't know why. That is very funny. You aren't as weird as to be called a poseur, as you don't like assimilating whatever peo... Read more

The Fashion Victim!

You have a clue as to what is right to wear, but... you have this weird tendency of overdoing it. Almost considered cliché, you can lag behind, unable to make the fashion trends work for you. br... Read more

The Mediator!

Who do you think you are, juggling from one culture to the next, advocating everything?One heck of a loony. My kind of loony!You take what you see, you blend it with three other elemen... Read more

The Parachute!

Like your title, your mind works better when open. It is not an easy thing to do, too. You are very well-informed, and are most likely very discerning of what to swallow and what to spit out bloodily.... Read more

The Overmind!

Do you get sneered at once in a blue moon?That's because you act like your namesake. You are above and beyond the reach of 'normal' people as much as the strange and bizarre, at least in your ... Read more

The Outsider!

He he he...It's all about THE look. THE attitude. THE you.You most likely never even attempted to fit in; you were born with the looks you sport now, and it's been your money maker, or at ... Read more

The Outcast!

Oh my, isn't there somewhere you could fit in? Highly unlikely. Is it your hair? Your clothes? Your metal spikes? We don't know.But you know that you're comfortable with it. You're the front-l... Read more

The New Blood!

You are the dark progeny of a new age... more or less. You take the old and blend it with the new. However, unlike a mediator, you do it purposefully, with a great deal of care and caution, and you ta... Read more

The Advance!

If you're a guy, you wear long skirts or platform heels. If you're a girl, you wear plaid bondage pants or leather corsets.Maybe you wear all of the above at the same time of night.You... Read more

The Elevated!

You have taken upon yourself to be at the top of the all-world by holding on as much of your individuality as you could muster. Which probably results in your being a very outlandish sight in the stra... Read more

The Corrupted!

You delve in the perverse and strange to the exclusion of everything else. I wonder when was the last time you even stepped foot in a McDonald's Hamburger restaurant. You can be resumed to be a "fucke... Read more

The Anti-fashion!

Fashion? What's that? You are absolutely clueless as to what the straight-and-narrow affectionate, and probably couldn't care less if you tried. You go your own way, fiercely independant, knowledgeabl... Read more

The True Altern!

I don't know if this result really is possible. Maybe it's just an urban legend.Legends of the first alternative people who blended into society. Like the Project Mayhem members of Fight Club,... Read more

The Dark Star!

A leader in the alternative fashion world, you belong in places like London or Berlin, not the underdressed altern people of North American cities like Montreal, New York or Chicago. Las Vegas and the... Read more

The Architect!!

Ok. This result is impossible. You've hacked this, haven't you?Admit it.Good.You are the Architect, which means you designed this result, this test and the Matrix into whic... Read more

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