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You decide you need to leave this room immediately. Grabbing Amanda you race back toward the alcove. She gives a little squeal as if to indicate it is a bad idea, but you pull her anyway. This action has gotten the attention of the men who now see you. You quickly race to the door and turn the knob. It's locked from the other side! You try once more, but it is hopeless. Resigned to your fate, you both turn around and see a gun pointing at you.

Her ex-boyfriend Matt starts yelling at Amanda. He yells at her that he loves her, and that the ring was supposed to be for her. Amanda just starts crying. Matt takes one shot and you see Amanda slump down beside you. You are now on your own.

"It's cool man," you try and explain, "I don't even know the chick." Desperately you try and convince Matt that you have no problem with what is going on. He looks at you for a moment to think about it, but then decides to pull the trigger again anyway. Your body falls slumped on top of Amanda's.

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You decide you need to leave this room immediately. Grabbing Amanda you race back toward the alcove. She gives a little squeal as if to indicate it is a bad idea, but you pull her anyway. This acti... Read more


You grab Amanda's hand and lead her behind the desk. The three men enter and they appear not to have spotted you. Suddenly you hear a loud explosion, and everything goes dark. Next you hear a shot ... Read more


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Something about the situation just doesn't seem right. You decide to stay where you are. Besides, the police are only a few minutes away. You continue hiding the best you can in the corner of the... Read more


Ignoring Amanda's pleas, you slowly head toward the woods. You are half expecting that Matt is going to turn around and shoot you, but he doesn't. Instead he turns toward Amanda and starts fighting ... Read more


In your heart, you realize that you can't just abandon Amanda. You tell Matt you are leaving, and you pretend to head off. Matt then orders the other guy back in the car, and starts yelling at Amand... Read more


This is our chance, you think. You patiently wait for a moment when Matt seems most distracted. Finally, you have your opportunity. You leap out of your seat and with all your might whack at Matt's... Read more


You decide that it is foolish to go for the gun. Even if you are able to knock it away, Matt would surely get it before you, and that would just make him angrier. Amanda keeps complaining, but nothi... Read more


"I'll help," you say. You have no desire to get in trouble yourself. Besides, Paulo was obviously hiding something from you if he knew to run away from the cops. You tell the officer that you ... Read more


"Forget it!" you say, "I'm not going to help you capture him." Even though you only knew Paulo for a few hours, you refuse to believe that he is a criminal. The police hold you in custody for a wh... Read more


You figure your best chance is to head for the wooded area. You cut across a grassy area to head for the woods, and Paulo follows you. At first you are moving well, but soon you run into a brush fil... Read more


You realize that your car is the only true hope of escape. You decide to duck down the next alley in an attempt to head back toward the car. Paulo follows close behind you. About 2/3 of the way d... Read more


You decide that it might be dangerous being discovered in a closet with a loaded gun. Slowly turning the door you exit the closet with your hands up, saying "Don't shoot!" Something goes terribly ... Read more


You stay in your hiding spot, helpless as the officers drag Paulo away from you. You worry that more officers will come to investigate the house, but they have found their man, and they have nothing ... Read more


You realize that there is no longer anything you can do to help Miguel. Getting the police's attention, you shout from the closet that you are unarmed and surrendering. They tell you to come out of ... Read more


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