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social butterfly

You scored 65social, 15 evil, 40 lonelyand 22 salacious!

Aww your a sweet one, here for friends regardless of who it is. Anyone should be so lucky as to have you on their favorites list.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • social Distribution

    They scored 65% on social, higher than 82% of your peers.

  • evil Distribution

    They scored 15% on evil, higher than 10% of your peers.

  • lonely Distribution

    They scored 40% on lonely, higher than 23% of your peers.

  • salacious Distribution

    They scored 22% on salacious, higher than 2% of your peers.

All possible test results

true test taker

You don't need friends here and your not looking to get laid, you don't even make an effort to be evil. You are the rare one that actually is here for the tests. Meeting people is definatly fun you sh... Read more

dirty mind

You are here for one thing and one thing only, to find someone hot to meet. It doesn't much matter who they are so long as they look good and are near by, so there is a good chance you can spend some ... Read more


You are a bit lacking in your social skills or you just like to be left alone. This isn't such a bad thing, anyone that you do talk to should feel really good that they are worth your effort. Read more


You are lonely and looking for someone hot. i personally just think you are honest because why else would anyone be here. We all want the hottie to talk to whether we want to admit it or not. Read more


You are here to get a rise out of people and to get some fighting out of you system. You are most likely sarcastic and a bit insulting, but most likely in the fun kind of way, or your just a jerk, tha... Read more

hottie stalker

this category sounds a little harsh because it kind of is. Your evil and mostly into only one thing, getting some from hot members of the opposite sex. I think your a little dark and exciting as does ... Read more

the badass

Your lonely and a bit evil. You probably would rather be left alone and make that perfectly clear by insulting away anyone that tries to meet you. How fun you're like the tough bad ass, give people a ... Read more

a true catch

You know what your looking for and you only give people who are worth it the time of day. You can be a bit introverted, but thats what makes you hot and mysterious. Read more

social butterfly

Aww your a sweet one, here for friends regardless of who it is. Anyone should be so lucky as to have you on their favorites list. Read more

the flirt

Your friendly and looking for a good time. You are most likely attractive and fun and people see that in you. You would make a good date and an excellent friend. Read more

the tease

Sometimes you'd like to be left alone, sometimes your up for a chat. someone would have to really spark you interst for you to be interested in anything more though. You have good intentions and make ... Read more

relationship seeker

You need someone who is interesting cute and not against meeting offline. You have reasonable standards and are interested in meeting someone who you consider to be worth your time. Read more

mysterious lover

You want friend and sometimes even the chance to date some hot ones. Your not against standing someone up if your in the mood, but you can also be a trusting friend and most likely a good lover. Read more

badass hottie hunter

Your looking for someone to have a relationship or a fling with and you make an effort to find that person. Friends are ok by you too, but most likely only if they are hot. Read more

captivating friend

You find some people you click with and thats enough for you. you could have a close friend next door or 2000 miles away, it doesn't matter much to you. You can be fun to debate with and also very gen... Read more

well rounded

Your up for friends, love, insults, hey whatever. sometimes you want to do your own thing, sometimes your in the mood to chat. You may meet someone for a date with lots of drinking involved or a nice ... Read more

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