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You know eighties sitcom trivia better than most, if not all people. You probably have Nick at Nite playing on constant loop on one of your televisions, along with TV Land on the other one. It is unlikely that your command of trivia ends with eighties sitcoms. I would bet that you know movie and music trivia very well too. At some level, you've devoted your life to this knowledge, and if you're going to do that, you may as well know it well.

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- Carla Tortelli was the head waitress at Cheers. Both Diane and Rebecca did work under her at various points in the show. Vera Peterson, Norm’s wife, only appeared on the show once, but they did not show her face.

- Harry the Hat was the name of Harry Anderson's character. He was a local con artist and cheat, who regularly swindled money from the "Cheers" gang. He had a memorable return to the show in its last season, helping destroy the bar's rival, Gary's Olde Town Tavern.

- Mike was the eldest son on Growing Pains. The other children were Carol, Ben, and Chrissy. Luke, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, joined the family much later on in the show, but was not a direct relative. 

- Maggie Seaver was a TV reporter on the show. She started the show as a newspaper journalist, but later switches careers upon being fired.

- Skip was not one of the Keaton children on Family Ties. He was the next door neighbor, who had a crush on Mallory. Alex, Mallory, Jen, and Andy were the children.

- The Keatons lived in Ohio.

- There were 5 Cosby children: Sandra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy. Several others joined the household at various points (e.g. Raven Symone acting as Olivia), but they were not Cliff and Clair's children.

- Denise initially enrolled as a freshman at Hillman College, a fictional school which was the alma mater of both Cliff and Clair Huxtable. The show "A Different World" was a spin-off from "The Cosby Show", originally following Denise's freshman year at Hillman. She left the show after its first season and returned to "The Cosby Show" because she got pregnant after shooting that first season.

- Alyssa Milano played Samantha Micelli on "Who's the Boss?"

- Tony had been a professional baseball player before becoming a housekeeper on "Who's the Boss?"

- Danica McKellar played Winnie Cooper on "The Wonder Years". Olivia D'Abo played Kevin's older sister Karen.

- True, Alf was from Melmac.

- On "Perfect Strangers", Balki was originally from Mypos, a fictional island.

- Jason Bateman never appeared on "Major Dad". He played the eldest son David Hogan on "The Hogan Family", he acted as Derek on "Silver Spoons" for a couple of seasons, and he appeared in an episode of "Mr. Belvedere". He actually directed a few episodes of "The Hogan Family". On a non-sitcom note, he was also on the show "Little House on the Prairie"

- All of the above. Clooney acted in several episodes as Jackie's boyfriend Booker on "Roseanne". He acted as George the contractor near the end of "The Facts of Life". He appeared in one episode of "The Golden Girls". He had several brief tv roles in the 80s before hitting it big as Dr. Ross on "ER" in the 90s.




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The Anti Sitcom

You either weren't alive in the eighties, only watched dramas during the decade, or you just don't like television. If you were out and doing something productive...... Read more

The Casual Viewer

You definitely watched some sitcoms during the eighties. You probably recognized most of the shows in the questions, even if you didn't know all the details of them. Fortunately, you can get them a... Read more

Avid Viewer

You have watched a lot of eighties sitcoms. You probably watch reruns of these shows on TV Land and Nick at Nite when you get the chance. You may even be one of those people that thinks sitcoms die... Read more

Eighties Sitcom Master

You know eighties sitcom trivia better than most, if not all people. You probably have Nick at Nite playing on constant loop on one of your televisions, along with TV Land on the other one. It is u... Read more

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