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Their result for The Adapt, Adopt and Improve Test ...

The Quantum Computer

You scored 74 Flexibility, 72 Cleverness, and 26 Nastyness!

Wow. Raw processing power with no theoretical possibility omitted when it comes to save your soul. But do you think that everything can be solved in an ethically correct way? Sometimes, dirty deeds can't be avoided...

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Flexibility Distribution

    They scored 74% on Flexibility, higher than 97% of your peers.

  • Cleverness Distribution

    They scored 72% on Cleverness, higher than 76% of your peers.

  • Nastyness Distribution

    They scored 26% on Nastyness, higher than 13% of your peers.

All possible test results

Doomed By Evolution

Oh my. You seem to have nothing to face any other situation than eating or sleeping. Chances are that you will simply stand there, blinking, when a steamroller runs you over. Read more

The Perfect Thug

Hm. What you lack of wits and knowledge is there in amounts of boldness. When things get tight, you can a least force your way out. Read more

Serial Killer

Now that's something. You must be a direct descendant from the good ole T-Rex. Not much grey matter, but ready and willing to simply out-mischieve anyone. Read more


Well well. Manoeuverable like an aircraft carrier and good like gold, maybe your rudimental wits will help you when it's close calls. But I wouldn't bet on it. Read more


Ah, the perfect material for cannonfodder de luxe. Clever enough to tell the good side from the bad side of a gun, and just the right low enough amount of dark tendencies to not kill your drill sergea... Read more

Gang Leader

Congrats! You seem to have enough nasty potential to wrestle down even the most challenging problems and the right amount of missing brain to not worry about any consequences. Read more


You very well blend in with Stephen Hawking. Unfortunately, you are about as flexible and as menacing as his wheelchair. You might withstand even the hardest chess challenge, but fail on the task of c... Read more


Added brains and less morale. Respect, you might one day be senator! Try to develop a sense for spontanety, and you might as well be a successful entrepreneur. Read more

Terrorist Mastermind

A brilliant mind and the ability to be everything common morale forbids. However, your stubborn habit of not altering your methods makes you an easy target. Read more

Chess Computer

Yes, you know different ways to solve a problem. Yet, you lack the wits to think of new ones and the certain level of recklessness to make your way. Read more

Battle Droid

The die-hard machine. Quick-learning, unpredictable and sure mean enough to make no prisoners, you have what it takes to survive most unpleasant situations. However, your absolute lack of cleverness i... Read more

The Terminator

Finishing your task no matter what, that's what you're good at. You've got enough skills to try different ways, and sure no morale to block you, but a little more thinking could spare you much gung-ho... Read more


Quite a good developed sponge up there in your skull. Yet, a little more of flexibility and cleverness could help you to become more than a service technican struggling with the perils of removeable d... Read more

Joe Average

Nothing new here. Chances are, that with your average score in all the three categories, you will pretty much master most unexpected situations that you might encounter. Read more


If I had someone in my way, I'd ask you to do the job. I know you have the low morale and quick wits to qualify... Read more


You can think of lots of ways to master any unexpected inconveniences - but when it comes to it, you may fail on the ethic or physical parts of it. Yet, your ability to improvise may overcome your mor... Read more

The Mad Scientist

Yes, you've got the brains. The wits to improvise and the needed elastic ethics to have it your way. But careful: your superior brains sometimes let you forget that there's always one who does better.... Read more

The Kill 'em All

What an evil combination. A rocket scientist mind with no ethic ballast that gets in the way. Your marginal lack of spontanous outbreaks doesn't matter in this case. Read more

Soldier of Fortune

Seems like with trickery, improvising and general good conceilment of your lacking brains, you can get through every situation. Mostly Harmless. Read more

The Samurai

Skilled, brute enough but remotely the brainpower of a pocket calculator. A good servant for his master, but most likely the one to be left behind. Read more

The Ninja

Efficient at all cost. Unstoppable, literally. But unfortunately always the servant and never the master, due to a lack of minimum knowledge. Read more

The Swiss Army Knife

Knows what to do in every situation. Always prepared for the impossible, and knowing most of the possible. Yet, when comes to harder rules, dangerous as a ball of cotton. Read more

The Officer

Very good balance. You will be the perfect candidate for all situations where analytic thinking and qick reaction are the key. However, some problems could overstress your mental capabilities, as well... Read more

Be Quick Or Be Dead

Whoo-Hoo. An efficient ask-no-questions problem solver. Very much like the original Alien. With just the right amount of IQ missing to not worry and have a good time. Read more

The Quantum Computer

Wow. Raw processing power with no theoretical possibility omitted when it comes to save your soul. But do you think that everything can be solved in an ethically correct way? Sometimes, dirty deeds ca... Read more

The Elite

A true warrior in every sense! No problem that you can't solve with brains and trickery. In some cases, your remaining last bit of morale may cause drawbacks - but it makes you a bit human at last. Read more

Crown of Creation

Awesome! With your combined high flexibility, cleverness and nastyness, you are the true homo sapiens in all its glory! No situation, no problem difficult or challenging enough - you can solve it eith... Read more

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