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You're open minded enough to try a chubby chick if you haven't already, but you aren't very positive about it!

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You're lame! Seems to me that you have a hard time thinking for yourself.... Read more

Get Over It!

Get over it! Do you think you look perfect when YOU'RE naked? Read more

Grow old alone

Oh boy - you're going to live a miserable life alone, with some nasty skank who will cheat on you and leave you for someone who has more money. Read more

Ken Doll

What a sad sad person you are. Didn't anyone teach you that true beauty comes from the inside? Hope those bruises heal and your parts stay attached! Read more


You're open minded enough to try a chubby chick if you haven't already, but you aren't very positive about it! Read more


Confused are you? Just try it.. it will be amazing, promise! Read more

Go For It!

Are you really up for the challenge? There is something to be said about an "Oakland Booty" Read more


How many hours do you spend in one day looking at yourself in the mirror? Read more

Only Sometimes

You're a true man (or woman) but you still have some growing to do on the inside. You know logically what is going to be best, but a part of you still holds back. Read more

Makes no difference!

You're normal - you're up for trying new things and don't discriminate against chubby chicks - but you won't go spreading the word about it when you hook up with one! Read more

Low expectations

You're into the finer things in life, but also the worst things. I suggest you just give up the hope of landing a super model and go for what's right all around. Read more

High Hopes

You're up to play - and you enjoy it, but it's the last thing you will ever admit openly. You secretly yearn for more to grab on to and be with, but you let the media rule your personal choices. Read more

Chubby Chaser!

A True Man (or woman)! You're true to yourself and to others, and you have quite the open mind. You're smart enough to know that looks aren't everything. Good for you! Read more

You Know It!

Such a gentleman at heart! You realize the importance of what is on the inside as well as the fact that skinny doesn't equal sexy. Read more

No Fat Chicks

Ooh - you're tetering on total butt muncher levels there. You're open to the idea and even trying things out with someone who is less than perfect on the outside. Yet you secretly wish they would go ... Read more

I Only Love Me

You're a weirdo - make up your mind dipwad. Read more

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