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Their result for The Cambridge College Test ...


You scored -5 Refinement, -5 Conservatism, -3 Sociability, and -4 Facilities!

You don't fit into any particular category, so you will most likely be pooled to some random place like Girton, where nobody wants to go because it's miles away from the city centre.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Refinement Distribution

    They scored -5% on Refinement, higher than 7% of your peers.

  • Conservatism Distribution

    They scored -5% on Conservatism, higher than 8% of your peers.

  • Sociability Distribution

    They scored -3% on Sociability, higher than 13% of your peers.

  • Facilities Distribution

    They scored -4% on Facilities, higher than 3% of your peers.

All possible test results


You don't fit into any particular category, so you will most likely be pooled to some random place like Girton, where nobody wants to go because it's miles away from the city centre. Read more

Sidney Sussex

You are Sidney Sussex. We can't tell how refined, Conservative or sociable people from Sidney Sussex are because they have the facility of very solid porters who keep everybody else out. Read more


You are Jesus College. I know precious little about the facilities about Jesus College, but I do know many Jesuans, who tend to be friendly people with politics that differ from mine and a state educ... Read more


You are Queens' College. You tend to be politically inactive (I only know one politically active person from Queens', who is Labour), but organise great ents in your stunning bar and Fitzpatrick Hall... Read more


You are Christ's College. Politically sound Tory, you suffer from a nuisance SCR who are so crazed about academic success at the expense of everything else that they try to restrict your social lives... Read more


You are Emmanuel College. Your college has plenty of jazzy rooms to hold meetings, and even does a bag of laundry per week for its students. There are plenty of Tories as well, but political hacks o... Read more

Gonville and Caius

You are Gonville and Caius (pronounced Keys). At the time of writing, you are the college with the most Conservatives in Cambridge. Your members also have very active social lives across Cambridge. ... Read more

Trinity Hall

You are Trinity Hall, commonly known as 'Tit Hall', which is sufficient to explain the low refinement score. You have good rooms in which to hold Conservative speaker meetings, and often do, and thou... Read more

St John's

You are St John's College. One of the most picturesque colleges, you hold the grandest formal dinners, but at one hell of a price, and when you jump the queue at Gardies kebab shop, you frequently pr... Read more


You are Pembroke College. Your college is very pretty, with particularly good drama facilities, but other than that, Pembroke students seem to be apathetic and keep themselves to themselves. Read more


You are King's College. With such a stunning building, you cannot help but score highly on refinement, and there is always something entertaining going on in your bar. However, King's is the furthes... Read more


You are Clare College. A very posh college, with an extensive property and some of the plushest rooms in Cambridge, you are known for comedy ents in the bar, which attract Labourites from across the ... Read more


You are Peterhouse. The oldest college in Cambridge and probably with the greatest proportion of Conservatives, you have a uniquely rarefied atmosphere, which is very public school but sometimes to t... Read more


You are Downing College. You are a smart neo-classical college with lovely student rooms and extensive meeting rooms. These rooms have frequently been used for Conservative meetings and although the... Read more


You are Magdalen College (pronounced maudlin). This is a very traditional college with an expensive white tie May Ball and an active Conservative contingent aided and abetted by Tory porters who enco... Read more


You are Trinity College. Even your rivals St John's, who wouldn't dare admit it, envy you. You have the white tie May Ball with the most sought-after tickets in Cambridge, a marvellous gastronomic t... Read more

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