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You scored 23 mental chops, 14 work ethic, 16 bullshitability, and 2 practicality!

You're intelligent and creative, but fairly lazy. Philosophy would be perfect for a bullshitter like you. You find it easy to pull things out of your ass when others freeze up and stammer. It gives you satisfaction to cite long-dead men, whose names most people recognize but couldn't tell you one way or another what the hell those philosophers believed. Don't get too cocky because nobody is going to care about your thoughts on a post-Kantian analysis of human rational capabilities when you're flipping their burgers.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • mental chops Distribution

    They scored 23% on mental chops, higher than 65% of your peers.

  • work ethic Distribution

    They scored 14% on work ethic, higher than 33% of your peers.

  • bullshitability Distribution

    They scored 16% on bullshitability, higher than 43% of your peers.

  • practicality Distribution

    They scored 2% on practicality, higher than 5% of your peers.

All possible test results

Public Health

You probably wouldn't be at college if your parents didn't insist, but whatever. You have to major in something. You chose the easiest, least demanding major you could find: public health. Hell, it's ... Read more


You want a major that requires neither intelligence nor work, is no-nonsense, and might at least help you after college. Welcome to the Business and Management department! We hope you enjoy our intell... Read more


Psychology is perfect for you! You don't mind pulling things out of your ass, but you don't want to think and you don't want to work too hard. You also apparently don't want a job, unless you're Clari... Read more


You don't mind a little creativity, but you do want a practical major without working too hard or thinking too much. Try journalism...just don't forget to join the campus newspaper and clinch that job... Read more


You're willing to work hard, but that's about it. You don't want to make things up and you don't care about how practical your major is. A social science that will make you write a decent bit such as ... Read more


So you're willing to work hard and want to major in something useful and concrete? Try chemistry. You'll probably end up living in the lab and exposing yourself to a crapload of chemicals that will ki... Read more

Vis./Perf. Arts

You're willing to work hard but you're also willing and able to be creative...visual or performing arts such as studio art, music, or theater would be a satsifying major for you. Your friends in the m... Read more


You want a job, you're willing to work hard, and you don't mind making things up? A softer science with a lot of wiggle room such as biology or environmental science would be great for you, and you mi... Read more


So you're smart, but you're also lazy as hell and don't care too much about your post-college prospects (unless you're one of those rat race academic types or you're a dual major in something more pra... Read more

Computer Science

You're smart, but you want to study something useful without making things up or working too hard. Computer science is probably right up your alley. You can sleep all day and drink Mountain Dew in you... Read more


You're intelligent and creative, but fairly lazy. Philosophy would be perfect for a bullshitter like you. You find it easy to pull things out of your ass when others freeze up and stammer. It gives yo... Read more


You're smart, creative, and lazy...but you also wouldn't mind leaving college with some job prospects. Economics is a perfect fit for you. Take care not to start looking at everything from a market pe... Read more


You're very willing to work hard at things that terrify other people...such as physics! It's challenging and demanding, and probably won't do anything to help you find a job. Are all those long proble... Read more


You want it all: a tough major that will make you work hard, won't ask any bullshit, and will help you land a job. You better go with engineering. If you don't commit suicide from disappointing your p... Read more

Classical Languages

Ah...a tough major that'll make you work hard and bullshit a lot but have absolutely no use in the real world? That's classical languages for you (hey, it's all Greek to me! yuk yuk!) Linguistics is a... Read more


You're an impressive individual--brilliant, hard-working, and very creative. You deserve a job. Go be an architect already and design some bridges. If architecture isn't your thing, another practical ... Read more

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