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You scored 4 patrioticity and -2 aggressiveness!

You belong in France. Although you are proud of who you are, you are also highly tolerant and respect diversity.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • patrioticity Distribution

    They scored 4% on patrioticity, higher than 37% of your peers.

  • aggressiveness Distribution

    They scored -2% on aggressiveness, higher than 38% of your peers.

All possible test results


You belong in Canada. You are highly tolerant of other cultures and you don't like wars. You abhor any type of nationalism. Read more


You belong in Germany. You are highly ashamed of your past, and you compensate for it by being uber-tolerant. Anyone who displays any kind of nationalism deserves to be bombed. Read more


You belong in Mongolia. You did something once a long time ago, but since then no one's heard from you. Very few people even notice you, and fewer still know anything about you. Read more


You belong in France. Although you are proud of who you are, you are also highly tolerant and respect diversity. Read more


You belong in Greece. You pretty much created western culture. In fact, every democracy on earth is a colony of Greece. There are two types of people on earth: You, and people who wish they were you. Read more


You belong in Israel. You are proud and tough. If anyone messes with you you'll tear them a new a-hole. Read more


You belong Ukraine. You might be pretty big, but anyone could beat you up. You've been invaded countless times, by the Mongols, by Poland, by the Nazis, by the Russians, and who knows who'll invade yo... Read more


You belong in the United States. You know what's best for everyone, so everyone should just listen to you. If they don't, you'll "encourage" them to see the benefits of your benevolence. Read more

Nazi Germany

You belong in Nazi Germany. Your people are the greatest on earth, and you don't need no inferior races infesting your glorious country. They should be your slaves! Read more

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