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Their result for The What Asskicking Heroine R U Test ...

Paige Matthews

You scored 31 ass-kicking and 41 caring!

You are Paige Matthews from "Charmed"! You are a little boorish in the descisions you make, but you're learning from your mistakes. You try to take care over the things that you do, but it doesn't want to work properly yet. You are a nice person with fun-loving attitudes. So, what's wrong with that? Be proud of yourself

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • ass-kicking Distribution

    They scored 31% on ass-kicking, higher than 54% of your peers.

  • caring Distribution

    They scored 41% on caring, higher than 23% of your peers.

All possible test results

Xev Bellringer

You are Xev Bellringer from "Lexx- The dark Zone"! You neither are much caring nor ass-kicking. You are just living into the day and that you do in kind of automatic behavior. You aren't very real and... Read more

Ally McBeal

You are "Ally McBeal"! You have a strange lifestyle, and you are proud of it! Even if you aren't able to fight physical, you defend verbally. That's where your strength lies and for what the others mi... Read more

Joan Girardi

You are Joan Girardi from "Joan of Arcadia"! Your power lies in your mind, not in your fists. Life isn't easy and god makes it even more complex. You really know what friendship means and you are love... Read more

Tru Davies

You are Tru Davies from "Tru Calling"! All your strength lies in your mind and you rarely to never use your fists to win a fight. You have good friends to whom you can talk to about everything and esp... Read more


You are Taja from "Mortal Kombat"! Even if you know what friendship means, you are too less caring. Because of that lots of mistakes happen to you. The problem is that you are a thief (in a material o... Read more

Paige Matthews

You are Paige Matthews from "Charmed"! You are a little boorish in the descisions you make, but you're learning from your mistakes. You try to take care over the things that you do, but it doesn't wan... Read more

Phoebe Halliwell

You are Pheobe Halliwell from "Charmed"! Your power rose during the time and you learned to be careful. You grew to something better and changed very much. Referring to love you aren't the lucky one, ... Read more

Piper Halliwell

You are Piper Halliwell from "Charmed"! If you had supernatural powers, you'd know how to use them! Never to show off, just to help. Because you really care so much, you are trusted by friends and fam... Read more

Kate Austen

You are Kate Austen from "Lost"! You are kind of difficult to discribe. You really try to fit in, but there are circumstances which prohibit your success. The ability to lead is given, but you have to... Read more


You are "Xena"! Your strengh is the fighting, but you can love with the same passion as you swing the sword. In your past you were less caring as you are today, but it's good you decided to be like yo... Read more

Willow Rosenberg

You are Willow Rosenberg from "Buffy the vampire slayer"! You really are strong, but sometimes you undertake yourself too much. The danger of an adicction is to close. Don't close your eyes and face y... Read more

Sydney Fox

You are Sydney Fox of "Relic Hunter"! You really understand how to kick ass, but on the other hand you are caring about your friends, the world and everything. And you're pretty too, by the way ;) Eve... Read more


You are Faith from "Buffy the vampire slayer"! Even if you have a lot of power, you've got a weak point - your haughtiness. Just with your fists you cannot reach everything, but that's enough for you.... Read more

Max Guevera

You are Max Guevera from "Dark Angel"! You are a perfect soldier and so have all the strength you can get. But you first have to learn to trust other people. You are caring, but you first have to get ... Read more

Buffy Summers

You are Buffy Summers of "Buffy the vampire slayer"! You have the strengh and you care about other people. Even if there never is a solid balance between the two characteristics, you are quite popular... Read more

Sydney Bristow

You are Sydney Bristow from "Alias"! You are really powerful and you know how to kick asses correctly! You are quite intelligent and you're used to figure things out before you handle. Even if you are... Read more

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