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College student

You are 45 % Random, and Your personality is 47 % Likeable.

You get wild, you are fun... But one day, you are destined to being a parent... most likely a soccer or hockey family. Your future is full of love and success, but the most crazy thing you will do will probably entertain 15 children, a Santa, 10 adults and cook the whole dinner yourself. Tough work, but everybody loves the effort!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Randomness Distribution

    They scored 45% on Randomness, higher than 24% of your peers.

  • Personality Distribution

    They scored 47% on Personality, higher than 52% of your peers.

All possible test results

Boring.. SNORE

Very un-random, and your personality is either sleepy, disappointing or unlikeable. Sorry. Try harder to be more... RANDOM!! Read more

Boring Mediocrity

Sure, just because I can't spell doesn't mean that you have to be a boring git. At least you have SOME personality though... although not much... I recommend an axe or a gun. Read more

Average Joe

Your personality shines, but you aren't that fun to hang around with. You're a great person on the inside, but people don't usually see it because you're frightened to show the true you. Read more

Slightly Random

You have some chaotic behaviour.. but it's not enough to make people like you. You have barely any personality, I would work on listening to people and stop stealing everybodies ideas. I recommend ... Read more

Class Clown

Mostly everybody likes you. You're random enough that you don't scare people, but not random that you have oodles of friends. Personality is good and pleasant, and it's probably the only thing that k... Read more

Popular person

You are liked by almost everybody (or you think they do). But you are basically a goodie goodie in purty clothes. You are good inside, but you have no... dynamic personality. I recommend a day in ... Read more

Mental admission

You are the jerk at the office that talks about all the crazy stuff you did over the weekend, but nobody actually believes you because you don't care about anyone else. If theres a way to get a perso... Read more

College student

You get wild, you are fun... But one day, you are destined to being a parent... most likely a soccer or hockey family. Your future is full of love and success, but the most crazy thing you will do wil... Read more

The FUN babysitter!

You have a good time with most people. Your chaotic enough to have fun with the most people, but you can't ALWAYS keep up of course, your personality tells you to slow down at times. I recommend... ... Read more

The Stinker

You pull pranks that nobody enjoys. You can be cruel and relentless, and you will probably end up as a psycho murderer... or something. You're personality and random behaviour displays a tendency to ... Read more

Fun Loving

Fun and friendly. You ignore strangers on the street, but thats ok right? You have alright taste in things, but tend to be more on the introverted geeky side until something pulls you out. My recom... Read more

Club Mom

You are the older fun person that still hangs out with the younger crowd. And its ok, because its YOU! You don't act completely your age, and you wonder if thats the reason why some things in your lif... Read more


You ARE the full fledged schizophrenic. You have very little remorse and you should be living in a prison or mental institute. People tell stories of what you've done while they were around.. you are... Read more


You are the epitome of wierdness, and are very fun loving!!! Party animal, and good sport, you pull all the fun pranks, but can turn off the wierdness when somebody convinces you to. S'all good, jus... Read more

Genius Savant

HAHA, I know it should be Idiot savant, but you probably are extremely smart and you ARE extremely likeable. TOTALLY random, and a great personality. You are the life of the party, along with a few o... Read more

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