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Category #4

Well, Are You Sizzling In The Romance Department?

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Sex King

Good Try....but i now crown you the sex king. theres not a romantic bone in that body of yours. Oh, im sure there could be if you thought with the head on your shoulders and not the other one!! Feel F... Read more

Prince of Horndogism

Well, youre definetely a step up from the sex king. At least theres some romance in you. Maybe youll get better with age, But for now...stick to the floozies honnie. Read more

Warm Blooded Beast

Well Well, Well......Seems you could be romantic if you tried. you appear to have some issues with knowing how to be a prince but hey, we cant all be perfect, can we???? Take the test again.....i thin... Read more

*sigh* My Prince

Well, there you are! ive been waiting my whole life through for you i think Mr Romantic!! You know how to treat a woman, how to love without constant sex. Youre a genuine person, secure in who you are... Read more

Category #3

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Category #4

Description for Category #4 Read more

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