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Their result for The Are You Worthy Enough for Me Test ...

The Inner Beauty

You scored 61 intelligence, 47 lifestyle, 88 personality, and 56 beauty!

You are who I love on the inside .. but sadly not on the outside. We like a lot of the same things, but we go about life in a completely different way. You are also most likely fat.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • intelligence Distribution

    They scored 61% on intelligence, higher than 27% of your peers.

  • lifestyle Distribution

    They scored 47% on lifestyle, higher than 8% of your peers.

  • personality Distribution

    They scored 88% on personality, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • beauty Distribution

    They scored 56% on beauty, higher than 46% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Annoyance

You are not at all my type of girl. You lack any real smarts, your lifestyle would piss me off, I think you're annoying person AND you're ugly! Stay away! Read more

The Cheap Thrill

You got the looks I want, but that's about it. If I'm having a bad night, feel free to come by and give me some loving... just make sure you dont talk and leave me alone afterwards. Read more

The Inner Beauty

You are who I love on the inside .. but sadly not on the outside. We like a lot of the same things, but we go about life in a completely different way. You are also most likely fat. Read more

The Party Girl

You are a party girl. You're not a snob, but you need to do some growing up before we can get together. Read more

The Bore

You need to find a passion in life. While you seem to do the right thing, you just arent good at the rest of life. I am guessing that you are at often times depressed. Move along you rainy cloud yo... Read more

The Starlet

You are beautiful, but you know it and use it to your advantage. Life revolves around keeping yourself this way and sadly, when the clock starts to wind down, your beauty wont be there... and neith... Read more

The Just There

You are simply "just there". You're a good person and you lead a good life. Those who know you love you, but you dont keep a large amount of friends. The outside world seems to look past you. We co... Read more

The Fun Girl

You are a fun girl. You are beautiful, treat yourself right, and are fun to be around. You dont care much about current events, but that's ok with you. Your carefreeness makes you a sweet catch./B... Read more

The Stiff

You need to loosen up! You are smart and you know it and you hate those who lack your intelligence. You have a lot of internet friends, but your real ones havent been seen since you left the math c... Read more

The Hot Lawyer

You are smart, fast moving and hot! However you're too much for me with your fast-paced world. Ease up, put that cigarette down and put on some sweatpants. Read more

The Obsessive

You got some smarts and like to have 'projects', but you too often put them ahead of everything else. You're a nice person, but only those involved in your studies know this. Read more

The Fallen Angel

You've got a lot going for you. You're a smart girl, you are fun to be with and are beautiful. However, somewhere along the line you fell from grace.... sinner. Maybe it's time to start treating yo... Read more

The Anal Retentive

You treat yourself right, but only because you know the dangers of drinking and smoking. You get quickly annoyed with people who dont see your point of view and probably talk to inanimate objects. ... Read more

The Dry Stick

I dont understand you. You seem to have it all .. brains, positive outlook on life and good looks, but you are as bland as a piece of dirt. We most likely dont connect because you are into the 'fin... Read more

The Close Call

You are close to being my ideal match. We like the same things and you are no doubt a lot of fun to hang out with. We click, but your looks might leave something to be desired... then again .. mayb... Read more

The Angel

My ideal match!! You treat yourself right, are smart, fun and absolutley beautiful. You have great passions for the things in your life that matter to you and are rarely a jerk. Email me now! Read more

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