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Their result for The Who's Your Roomate in Hell Test ...

Cigarette Limbo

You scored 38 Morality, 43 Intgrity, and 36 Humanity!

Sorry to say you know the difference between right and wrong. But that doesn't mean you care. You are doomed to roam the world as a lost soul begging for a cigarette but no lungs to suck in with.... sucks for you!!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Morality Distribution

    They scored 38% on Morality, higher than 33% of your peers.

  • Intgrity Distribution

    They scored 43% on Intgrity, higher than 30% of your peers.

  • Humanity Distribution

    They scored 36% on Humanity, higher than 74% of your peers.

All possible test results

Cigarette Limbo

Sorry to say you know the difference between right and wrong. But that doesn't mean you care. You are doomed to roam the world as a lost soul begging for a cigarette but no lungs to suck in with.... s... Read more


Heaven doesn't want you and Hell's afraid to take you. If you ever get around to fullfill your plot to take over the world, remember us poor minions who forsaw your evil potential early on.... Read more


You walk the earth mostly doing what you should, but lack conviciton in the whole battle between right and wrong.... forget that what you really want is a nice cup of Starbucks coffee and your ipod... Read more

Anna Nicole

You are the kind of Evil that goes to that special place in Hell reserved for Anna Nicole and David Spade. Read more

Civil Servants

Your heart was in the right place, if only your body followed. That's ok it's only luke warm where you are going. Maybe you can get a job as Hell's Civil Servant. I hear it is the same as working at S... Read more

Woody Allan

When you walk down the street do daily choices stress you out or do the voices in your head battle for equal time in the decision making process? Um... Perhaps it's time for some serious soul searchin... Read more

Fraiser Crane

You generally try to do what is right. But that darned pride gets in the way. Like the fictional TV Doctor, you really need to BE right more than DO right. But at least you know you're the best and is... Read more

Simon Cowell

Just like the TV critic you believe that it's better to be right than liked. After all what really matters is if someone can impress you. Just remember, there is a special place in Hell for critics. A... Read more

Tom Hanks

Ever seen the movie Splash? You are a basically a good peson who needs something more than what they got....Forget about impressing the afterlife for a while and make this life the best. Try something... Read more

Paris Hilton

You don't know right from wrong but life is fun and you try to make if comfortable for those few people in your life that you notice. The level of hell doesn't seem too bad, until you realize there is... Read more

Ned Flanders

Life is tough all over, so why not do it right. You seem like a genuine good person. So unless you've cheated this test.. Hell might have to have an empty seat. Good for you but bad for the Devil's bo... Read more

Homer Simpson

D'oh. Not again. You make an effort to do well, but sometimes you'd rather just have a donut... ohhhhhhhh, donuts. Put a little more effort in your stride and you just might make it to that heavenly p... Read more

Mother Theresa

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Guess you are just counting the day for when those saints go marching in. Just remember no good deed goes unpunished, you don't care. Your aim is in a higher pla... Read more

Tony Hawks

Don't you hate people who spend all day talking about right and wrong?? Why can't they just live life? You'll worry about the afterlife once you get there. Based on your answers the chances of you get... Read more

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Just like they knew on Little House on the Prairie, you know about life . And even though times are tought, Life is good and so are you. If you answered honestly, you most likely go to church to pray ... Read more

Drew Carey

You want to good, you try to do good. But then beer and other things here in this life is good to you... for now. Read more

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