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No Fun

You're so attached to whatever fringe ideology you have, whether it be national socialism or direct democracy, that you could not even bring yourself to compromise your views enough to just pick a choice on at least a couple questions. You probably scare people away who would be your friends with your psychotic intensity. Alternately you bore them to death with long oral manifestos recited on a daily basis. Do America a favor. Don't vote and don't run for office. Stay in your compound.

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You can't really make up your mind about anything and if you vote, you probably do it because you'll feel guilty if you don't. Likewise you probably took this test out of an addiction to dumb on-line... Read more

Wannabe Emperor

You obviously just want to control others and don't feel comfortable leaving things to chance. You have no consistent goal but to exert power over others, probably due to low self-esteem. Face it. ... Read more

Freelance Citizen

You really honestly couldn't care less. The only reason you are into politics is to prevent others from getting in the way of your normal routine. Congratulations! You're a real American! Grab a b... Read more


You feel a desire to control others because you're convinced that they're out to keep you from achieving your goals or having any fun. You just want to be free. Of course you never will be because t... Read more

Moral Minority

The world is truly going to Hell, isn't it? For you the biggest threat to the existence of the country is something called "moral relativism". You're not quite sure what it is, but it is surely sent... Read more

Fascist Pig

You believe blind nationalism is the way for the people of a nation to achieve greatness. Most likely you're not a hypocrite because you actually have blind faith in your nation's ideals. Unfortunat... Read more

Gun Freak

Chances are you belong to the NRA... or should. If you said you were against gun control, you should consider changing stance. Because you'd be in good company with the God, Guns, and Glory crowd. ... Read more


Your opposition to liberalness is the only massivel consistent facet of your political ideology. Bully for you! You'll be a great loyalist for the Republican Party. You are a firm mix of traits tha... Read more

Wishy-washy Lib

You often find yourself apologizing to inanimate objects. You can't stand it when people don't like you. You are a caring and sensitive person and people will walk all over you. But it's all for th... Read more

Liberal Elitist

You're one of those people Rush Limbaugh keeps babbling about. You think that the American people really want socialism but are too stupid to figure it out. As a result you must use harsher methods ... Read more


You hate authority. Period. Whether it's Big Government or Big Business or the Moral Majority. Screw 'em! You've yet to explain how exactly you are going to dispose of both totalitarianism and cap... Read more

Disillusioned Lib

You have a lot of optimism about human nature, but don't feel that humans are capable of using the good in their nature when it comes to ruling... except you. So you feel the need to alter all social... Read more


You are a populist, most likely a very religious one. You also can't stand to see your kids leave home and worry CONSTANTLY. You won't even let your cat outside. Despite this, you are optimistic th... Read more

Pinko Commie

You are the epitome of what America is not. And you probably take that as a compliment. You believe that the best way to help people is to crush them under an iron fist until they accept your help. ... Read more


You don't like the moral state of the world, fear that people all around you are being exploited, and don't think that the government can do any good. As a result you are a ranting psychopath that wo... Read more

No Fun

You're so attached to whatever fringe ideology you have, whether it be national socialism or direct democracy, that you could not even bring yourself to compromise your views enough to just pick a cho... Read more

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