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Ethical Slut

76% Trust, 48% Experience and 18% Focus!

Hard-core polies have read the book and found it lacking, but the title describes you to a tee. You need sex, you need love, and you don't want limits on either. You can love several people, romantically and/or sexually, and you can do it with honor and honesty. You are among the greatest communicators in the poly world.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Trust Distribution

    They scored 76% on Trust, higher than 99% of your peers.

  • Experience Distribution

    They scored 48% on Experience, higher than 51% of your peers.

  • Focus Distribution

    They scored 18% on Focus, higher than 2% of your peers.

All possible test results

Serial Monogamist

You are committed to lifelong monogamy and no one is going to tell you any differently! You only enter relationships with serious potential and have probably lost at least one partner over commitment ... Read more


You like sex. Do I really need to tell you that? Read more

Closed Relationship

While you believe in loving multiple people, you also believe in commitment. Your ideal situation would be living in a closed household or community (triad, quad, hinge... you should familiarize yours... Read more


Hey, it's cool. Some people are into romance, some sex, some both, and some neither. You are probably very comfortable being alone or very skeptical of the claims of what relationships can bring. M... Read more


You want love but you value sex... sometimes, you get your priorities confused... and you have had more than one relationship end over your philandering. If you want to stop the trail of tears you lea... Read more

Free Love

Remember the hippies? When it comes to sex, you're just like them. You believe love is the highest form, too powerful for any two people to hold for too long. You love everyone (as often as possible) ... Read more


Your relationships start quickly and intensely, but a little choppy water and you're ready to jump ship and find someone else. Since you don't like being alone, one relationship often begins just as t... Read more


You're not very trustworthy, but you never claimed to be. Your relationships begin over drinks and matchbook phone numbers and end with a trip out to pick up the morning newspaper. Your deceptions are... Read more

Rolling Stone

You're a drifter. You can't deny yourself sex, but you have a lot of ambivalence and possibly guilt about love. The important thing is that you never pretend to be anything else. If someone chooses to... Read more

Ethical Slut

Hard-core polies have read the book and found it lacking, but the title describes you to a tee. You need sex, you need love, and you don't want limits on either. You can love several people, romantica... Read more


You try. I know you do. But you just can't seem to behave. You want that one true love who will keep you at home, but you simultaneously fear hurting that person and wonder if the right one even exist... Read more


Like polyamory without the honesty, right? Of course that's like war without the death. You are focused, and in a sense, you are committed. It's just telling your partners about your needs that trips ... Read more

Open Relationship

You focus on loving one person and having casual sex on the side. Other romantic relationships may develop, but one person is always primary. The simplest and most common form of polyamory. Can also b... Read more


The broadest of all polies, you like to have and explore a large poly community. No kind of relationship is mandatory or off limits, though neither is it likely to be permanent. Read more


Relationships are a means to an end for you. You are probably less interested in sex or romance than you are in having children. Focus on finding a partner who shares those values and you could make a... Read more

Passive Polyamory

You can go a long time without sex, but you are drawn to highly sexual people. Fortunately for them, you are completely comfortable sharing! All that matters is that your lover comes home to you every... Read more


For you, love is more about friendship, safety, and comfort than fiery passion. You can go it alone for a while, but you prefer having someone around--and the sex isn't bad either. Yo... Read more


Like multiple marriages. You are devoted to your loves, there just happen to be two or three of them who are not involved with one another (though they may be involved with others). Read more


You're a true catch among monogamists because you know what you want and what you don't, you're flexible and wise, and you won't waste anyone else's time trying something that isn't going to work. If ... Read more

Conditional Polyamory

You believe in polyamory and oppose jealousy... but you are also madly in love with your partner and can't bear to be apart. What's an ethical non-monogamist to do? You invite a third into your bedroo... Read more

Friend with Benefits

You're not necessarily avoiding relationships, you're just not looking for them either right now. You need sex and aren't looking for love, but you do prefer being intimate with people you know and ca... Read more


You don't mind sex and love, but they're not huge priorities either. You mostly see relationships as a means to an end. Actually, you probably don't think about relationships much at all, you just kno... Read more


Relationships might be for you some day, but right now you're just having fun playing the field. You are more interested in exploring sex than relationships, but you're not out to hurt anybody's feeli... Read more

Cluster Polyamory

You're generally open to any configuration of polyamory, but you stick to a relatively small network of friends and lean more toward loving friendships than casual fucking. Read more

Fuck Buddy

You like to fuck! When you find someone who fucks well, you like to fuck a lot! As long as they don't get any ideas that this is going to lead to a relationship or anything. Read more


You commit to one relationship for love and allow sex on the side in very specific circumstances. Often, these circumstances involve controlled swinger parties or "swapping" with another couple, bu... Read more

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

You want one devoted partnership and some fucking on the side. You just don't want to talk about it much. This kind of relationship distinguishes itself from regular ol' cheating because the couple... Read more


If you received this score, please notify me immediately with your results, because it is not supposed to happen! Read more

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