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Gated Community

You've got it pretty good, and you'd like to see things stay this way. But the way society is divided, with a growing gap between the comfortable winners and the grumbling losers, you think maybe more could be done to protect your privileges. Unfortunately, when the government protects your property, it tends to want to tell you what you should do with it. Therefore, you're inclined to protect your own investment by pooling your resources and implementing your own private security measures to keep the riff-raff at bay. As long as things are good for you inside, there's no need to worry about what's happening on the outside.

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Revolution of the Proletariat

Workers of the nation, unite -- you have nothing to lose but your chains! Down with authoritarian control! Down with the rich and their oppressive financial system! Down with enemies of the revolution... Read more

North Korea

To you, the main problem with the country is that it's just too nice to live in -- too rich, too free, too happy. It would be so much better to live in a hermit kingdom led by some tin-pot ko... Read more

The Shire

In your mind, the hobbits had it right: a quiet, agrarian village life, far from others' messy concerns, where everybody knows your name and nobody makes trouble. Nobody's too rich or too poor; eve... Read more

Gangsta Nation

You'd prefer that the country move in the direction of more tradition, less involvement with outsiders, free enterprise, defiance of established authority and an emphasis on security over individual r... Read more

Socialist Collective

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need! Such a simple concept -- why haven't we adopted it yet? If the country would only disentangle itself from foreign involve... Read more

Medieval Feudalism

Thou art an old-fashioned soul who dost favor allegiance to thy honored lord. Thou art not bothered by thy lack of freedom (or literacy); nay, thy predictable life offereth thee great peace of mind... Read more

State of Nature

You'd prefer that the country return to a state of nature, a wilderness of nomadic hunter–gatherer bands subsisting on what they can . . . er, hunt and gather. Or maybe your ideal is the life of the... Read more

Main Street Yesteryear

Oh, for the days of yesteryear. Barbershops with 25-cent haircuts. Soda fountains. Elks Clubs. Bicycles with enormous wheels. Bankers who cared about their communities. Women who stayed home and raise... Read more


Let's face it: When it comes to imposing our will on other nations and exploiting their resources to feather our nests, we just don't go far enough. It's time this country went the full-on... Read more


You're probably recoiling at this result, but there's no denying it: This is what you really want. You long to sweep away the corruption and decadence of modern society and the ta... Read more

Age of Aquarius

This country is such a drag, man. Leaders who think they can tell us what to do, police hassling everybody, the endless chase after material things that can never make you happy. We choose our happine... Read more


This day we rescue a world from mysticism and tyranny and usher in a future brighter than anything we can imagine! Er, well, "tyranny" is a relative term. You can do without the tyranny of ki... Read more

Radiant City

It's the yesterday that thinks it's a tomorrow! You wish the country were still headed toward the future we once thought we were going to have -- moving sidewalks, flying cars, stretchy jumpsuits, a c... Read more

The Empire

There is only one direction for the country that makes sense to you: total domination. You believe it's time for the natural heir to Rome, Byzantium, Spain and Britain to rise up and assume its rig... Read more

Crazy Heinlein Fantasy World

You've been reading too little news and too much Robert A. Heinlein. There's no real-world model for a society that's stubbornly patriarchal and enthusiastically militaristic, yet lacking in centra... Read more

September 10, 2001

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, changed everything. Why, why, why did they have to go and do that, goddammit? Everything was great until that happened. If you had your w... Read more

Cultural Revolution

It's time for a Great Leap Forward! You'd like to see the country purge itself of decadent foreign influences, seize power from the property owners and puppet masters who exploit ordinary citizens, an... Read more

Velvet Cage

You don't understand why everyone makes such a big deal about freedom; comfort and safety are what really matter. You believe the government should be doing a lot more to give you these things. As lon... Read more


Power corrupts -- we know that, right? So forget the stupid government, with its meddling in other countries' affairs and its hands in all our pots; if it would just get out of the way, and the cor... Read more

Gated Community

You've got it pretty good, and you'd like to see things stay this way. But the way society is divided, with a growing gap between the comfortable winners and the grumbling losers, you think maybe more... Read more


You think the biggest problem with the country is misplaced ambition: too much emphasis on domination and material wealth, not enough on culture, equality, and social and technological advancement. A ... Read more

Blue Sun Corporation

Big corporations don't bother you. You like the products they provide. You're brand-loyal. In fact, you have a more positive opinion of your favorite company than you do of your own government. You wo... Read more

Silicon Enclave

You don't like to be told what to do. In your opinion, the problem with the country is that the government and big business try to control too much -- things they can't control and shouldn't try to. I... Read more

European Union

In your opinion, the model of the ideal society already exists: an outwardly democratic, inwardly bureaucratic sovereignty that honors both human rights and free trade (to the extent that the former d... Read more

Fifth International

There's only one answer: revolution. Seizure of the mechanisms of power from the ruling class, by the ruled. In no other way can the masses be assured that their interests will be promoted, their n... Read more

Big Brother

You know we live in a dangerous time. Because there are people who hate our freedom, we must protect ourselves. To protect ourselves, we must go to war. In wartime, only traitors question the gover... Read more

Global Kumbaya

Where this country went wrong was in thinking we could do anything all by ourselves -- as a nation or as individuals. What we need is a resurgence of the cooperative spirit, of concern for human ri... Read more

Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong

Patriotism is passé. Nation-states are dinosaurs. Why shouldn't you be able to buy your way into whatever nation cares to have you as a citizen? Why shouldn't corporations have absolute, extraterrito... Read more

United World Federation

It's the next logical step, really: just as states federate to form nations, a single federal government of the world, uniting all nations as cooperating states. Such unity is necessary to stamp ou... Read more

Corporate Feudalism

This whole business of being able to quit your job and go somewhere else has got to end. Your employer owns the machinery you work with and the products of your labor; in certain cases, it may even ow... Read more

World Bazaar

One world, one love, one great big crazy marketplace of goods, sounds and ideas. You'd like to tear down all the barriers -- to free expression, to free trade, to free movement, to free thought, to fr... Read more

United States of Nike

Our Market, which art on Wall Street, hallowed be thy name! Thy free-trade zone come, thy will be done, around the globe as it is in America! You'd be perfectly happy to see the entire government priv... Read more

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