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Their result for The Murder-Weapon of Choice Test ...

Nail Gun

You scored 70% Gore Tolerance, 50% Guile, 55% Sadism, and 50% Phys. Strength!

A combination of highly-compressed air and a nail gun may infuse your victim's body with proliferation of foreign metallic objects.  If you position yourself appropriately, in the end you may find your victim to be, literally, nailed to the wall.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Gore Tolerance Distribution

    They scored 70% on Gore Tolerance, higher than 78% of your peers.

  • Guile Distribution

    They scored 50% on Guile, higher than 46% of your peers.

  • Sadism Distribution

    They scored 55% on Sadism, higher than 79% of your peers.

  • Phys. Strength Distribution

    They scored 50% on Phys. Strength, higher than 55% of your peers.

All possible test results

Hired Assassin

Unable to stomach a profusion of blood & guts... Unlikely to summon sufficient deviosity... Unwilling to impart the necessary pain... Likely to be overpowered yourself if you try to take on your v... Read more

Baseball Bat

You aren't particularly sneaky, and gag at the thought of having to mop up a river of blood. Additionally, too much screaming makes you cringe. Fortunately, you have sufficient brawn to swing a bat ... Read more


So you're as strong as a 'roid-pumping weightlifter, but unwilling to watch your target suffer or become exceedingly dismembered. Perhaps you might search the nearby countryside for a boulder, which ... Read more

Hired Thugs

You don't really want to take the time to plan anything out... Heck, what's the point of subterfuge?... and you don't want a bloody mess sprawled out before you. Additionally, you might not have the ... Read more


Hmm, now how does this thing work? Make sure the pilot light is on... make sure there's fuel in the tank. And you might wanna get some practice using it so you can properly incinerate your target. ... Read more

Bare Hands

It appears that your ethical bent leads you to avoid subterfuge and sneaking, and you tend to avoid more revealing presentations of innards and blood. On the other hand, you're strong enough to overp... Read more

Fast-acting Poison

Well, you have one thing going for you in the world of murder: You're sneaky. Thus, it may suit you to select a foreign substance (of which there are many) that presents a violently disagreeable reac... Read more

Club from Behind

Let's get skull-crackin'. You have just the right combination of guile and strength to lend in the application of a club-stroke to the back of your victim's dome. Take care, though. You'll have to s... Read more

Anvil from Above

Here's a creative solution for your particular combination of pure brawn and a devious nature. Not in the mood for a show of blood and guts, and undesirous of seeing your victim flopping about in ago... Read more

Slow-acting Poison

With a moderate amount of research, you should be able to discover an appropriate toxin to cause bodily distress in your victim over an extended time period... the duration determined by the substance... Read more

Wire Garotte

An old guitar string should do the trick. Just be sure to fit it properly with handles (wouldn't wanna cut your hands!). Hmm... then a quick loop around the neck of your victim... voila! Don't pull... Read more

Spiked Pit

Your bulging musculature shall empower you to dig a deep pit, then to affix a number of long, sharp spikes at the bottom of said pit. Your predilection toward trickery should lend well to concealment... Read more


Well, you're just strong enough to wield a gun, and not afraid of the blood that will pour forth when you use it on your victim. All you need to do is spend just a little quality time with the corpse... Read more

Sawn-off Shotgun

Yes, a cheap shotgun, a few rounds of shot, and a hacksaw, utilized appropriately, should provide a prosaic recipe for the deed to come. It's not a particularly creative method, but it does possess a ... Read more


Well, now, this could get really messy... but you don't mind at all.  Bring on the visceral carnage!  Anyhow, you might take a few practice strokes on a log, and hone the axe to a keen edge, prior t... Read more

Beaker of Acid

You'll probably want to do some research in the wonderful field of chemistry, and specifically into the domain of superacids, before attempting this method. However, once you have picked an appropria... Read more

Nail Gun

A combination of highly-compressed air and a nail gun may infuse your victim's body with proliferation of foreign metallic objects.  If you position yourself appropriately, in the end you may find yo... Read more


Imbiber of gore! Progenitor of pain! Your bulging brawn allows you to wield a chainsaw with ease equal to that a fencer wielding an epee. Limbs may fly, yet you shall not shy from the gory spume of... Read more

Silenced Pistol

Some might consider the use of such a simple weapon to be boring, but you may find it to be an excellent solution, especially considering your physical limitations. Your victim won't see it coming, y... Read more


Ruchnoi Protivotankovye Granatamyot! No, not death by roll-playing-game boredom... though, if such a thing could be arranged, it would make for a truly sadistic end. I'm referring to a rocket-propel... Read more

Rocket Launcher

Anyone who has experienced and enjoyed the classic video game "Doom" has seen an extremely low-res depiction of what this devastating weapon will do to man or beast. The gore-factor is likely to be e... Read more

Land Mine

Oh, to get your hands on one of these! You'll have to find a good place in the yard for it, and cover it with some leaves and grass (or beer bottles and cans, depending on the type of yard your victi... Read more

Microwave Gun

Imagine the focused effects of a microwave oven, directed upon and applied to the body of your victim... Bubbling brains and steaming organs!  You can relent when the squirming ends, and consider the... Read more

Resurrection Machine

It's hard to imagine any mode of execution that would necessitate your herculean strength, yet at the same time excersize your aptitude for subterfuge *and* express your generosity with the gift of li... Read more

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