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Lifestyle Mates

friendship = 63% sexual = 53% romantic = 64% Lifestyle = 76%

It appears that we're highly romantically involved, but it's probably not on an equal basis. Whichever of us is the Dominant of the pairing (unless we're both lifestyle switches, of course), our relationship is based firmly on love and may very well be platonic.

If you scored over 50% on the sexual chart, then we're likely to be engaging in some sex, although it's probably nothing too kinky. Likewise, if you scored about 50% in friendship, then we're likely to be able to hang out frequently without a problem.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • friendship Distribution

    They scored 63% on friendship, higher than 43% of your peers.

  • sexual Distribution

    They scored 53% on sexual, higher than 54% of your peers.

  • romantic Distribution

    They scored 64% on romantic, higher than 86% of your peers.

  • lifestyle Distribution

    They scored 76% on lifestyle, higher than 86% of your peers.

All possible test results

Who are you again..?

If you scored under 50% in any category, don't fret! If you've at least gotten a 25% or above, then we at least have something in common, albeit not much. Chances are, though, we'll not become anythin... Read more

In the life(style)

We don't really have a whole lot in common, but we're both heavily into the lifestyle. Depending upon which stats are highest, this could at least be a way to improve our relationship, although it's g... Read more

Cuddle Buddy

While we probably won't have a lasting romantic encounter, but there's a definite spark between us. Our days will most likely be spent confiding in each other, cuddling quietly, or consoling one anoth... Read more

Lifestyle Mates

It appears that we're highly romantically involved, but it's probably not on an equal basis. Whichever of us is the Dominant of the pairing (unless we're both lifestyle switches, of course), our relat... Read more

Fuck Buddies

We don't really have much in common, but it doesn't matter. If one of us gets horny, we at least know the other's interested in scratching our itch. Read more

Lifestyle Fuck Buddy

The chemistry between us isn't the greatest, but when one of us has that special itch, then the other one's interested in scratching it. There's little or no kink in the sex, although there MAY be som... Read more

Blossoming Lovers

There's some healthy sex behind our relationship, but the relationship is firmly grounded on love. At best, we're a comfort to each other and possibly even (emotional) lovers. At worst, we tend to fig... Read more

"Straight" D/s

Whoa! Thee's some serious chemistry going on between us! While I'm a switch myself, unless you're also one, we're probably in a serious D/s relationship. There's some great sex involved, but it's not ... Read more

Nympho Buddy

What can I say? We don't have much in common, but we'll never turn each other down when it comes to getting laid. It's quite likely there's a lot of kink involved, but unless you scored over 50% in an... Read more

Sex Slave

We've got almost nothing in common, but when it comes to sex, we can't stop. It may be a D/s relationship or two switches mixing it up, but either way, we're fucking like mad and getting in all the ki... Read more

Passion Flower

Our relationship is built on true love and fueled by undying passion. Maybe we'll never really be friends, but our love/hate relationship works out pretty well. After all, we actually care about each ... Read more

Devoted Lovers

SLAG! O_O You're almost the perfect person to be around! We don't quite cut it as friends, but we have a truly spectacular relationship otherwise. There's tonnes of kink, passion, and interpersona... Read more

Best Friends

We'll probably never sleep together or fall for each other, but who cares? We're the best of friends and could care less about taking our relationship anywhere else! It's quite likely you own several ... Read more

Devoted Servant

There are some forms of devotion that go well beyond the bounds of an average person's understanding. Whether one of us is more submissive than the other isn't important. We have a very strong friends... Read more

True Love

We4're the best of friends, and it strengthens our love for each other well beyond the norm. Granted, we're not sexually involved, but then we're probably saving that until much later, if at all. Ther... Read more

True Submission

We're inseperable partners, even if one of us might prefer to submit to the other. Our relationship is totally platonic and relies instead upon the emotional bond that grows stronger betwen us with ea... Read more

Friends W/Benefits

Best friends sometimes go beyond simply hanging out, and we're the perfect example. We've got a serious friendship going, spiced up now and then with a romp in the bed. There's probably not much kink ... Read more

Lifestyle FWB

We're best friends, but sometimes we feel the need to take things a little beyond that. We're sexually active together, and it's quite likely there's some D/s or roleplay involved, although we probabl... Read more

Serious Romance

Because we're best friends, our romantic life has a serious boost. We're most likely sexually active together, although it's not the most important thing in our relationship. This is really looking li... Read more

Almost Perfect

We're almost perfect together. When people look at us, they find a really strong bond between us in every way. We are most likely sexually active and enjoying each other's physical attributes, althoug... Read more

Ultimate FWB

We're best friends. We're best fuckbuddies. Doesn't it follow that we're the perfect "friends with benefits"? Not only can we hang out, but we can literally do just about anything together. Crude joke... Read more

Sex Slave

We've just got one of those relationships that are too deep for the average person to understand. There's so much passion in our lives that we can't get enough of each other. On top of that, we're the... Read more

Fiery Love Affair

We've got a pretty strong relationship going. There's lots of love, lots of comraderie, and even a lot of hot sex in the mix. However, I'm a little bit worried about the shortage of loyalty in our rel... Read more

Absolute Perfection

What can I say? We're perfect together! We're best friends, we fuck so hard the neighbors need a cigarette, and we've got undying love for each other to seal the deal! On top of that, our relationship... Read more

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