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You scored 68 good, 59 a leader, and 78 selfless!

You're just a ball of shining love, aren't you? You're very passionate about your views and believe strongly in the Greater Good and making the world a better place. You always pull your weight on any team, and are senstive to other's feelings and wants. You are very hard to dislike. Some people might get irritated by your goody-two-shoes nature, but that's their loss. Your genuine nature is hard to come by, and people value your kindness and honesty about all. You're always willing to lend a helping hand. Be careful that others don't take advantage of your good nature, because you're not the kind of person to criticise them or take revenge if things go wrong.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • goodness Distribution

    They scored 68% on goodness, higher than 67% of your peers.

  • leadership Distribution

    They scored 59% on leadership, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • selflessness Distribution

    They scored 78% on selflessness, higher than 83% of your peers.

All possible test results

Warlord of the Week

Well, you're a bit like styrostone in the Xenaverse; ugly to look at, not too interesting, ocassionally amusing... But taking up too much footage. No-one really wants to hear you talking, even if it's... Read more


You're a follower, and you work for the bad guys. You're willing to devote quite a bit of time and money to what you believe in, and because of this you're apprieciated and might move up in the ranks.... Read more


You're a cult follower. You follow cults. Evil cults. And put them above your own well-being. You scare me a little. You're a hardworking kind of person, and although you're not really cut out for a l... Read more


Well, you're quite a nasty piece of work! Evil, selfish, and with a good set of skills under your belt. You have big potential to wreak some havoc on this land - and you probably already have! Your ac... Read more


Wow. You're interesting and fairly deadly. You're a driven and straightforward person, who likes to get things done quickly and not beat around the bush. You have lots of ideas, and those ideas probab... Read more


Although you're inately a bad person, Cupid's arrows have turned you into an extremely selfless warlord who's willing to give up anything to be with your love Gabrielle. Even though you doesn't believ... Read more


Wow, are you going to take over the world? Because you probably could. But I don't think the world would apprieciate it. You're a bad, selfish person, and you know it. But you definitely don't care! Y... Read more


You really enjoy being evil. It's in your nature. And you're good at it too; being so influencial and motivated draws like minded people to you like moths to a flame. You're quite a good tactian. You ... Read more


You're a cult leader. You lead cults. You do bad things and truly believe they're the best thing for everyone. You scare me more than a little. You have very strong values which you'll defend with you... Read more


You're not really sure how you sit with regards to what's right and wrong in the world, but are more concerned with how everything's going to concern *you.* This is not necessarily a bad thing, but do... Read more


You're a nice person who's more concerned with getting along than getting ahead. Sure, there's probably some ambition tucked away in you somewhere, but it's kinda gone into hiding. You're very much a ... Read more


You're not too sure about 'good' and 'evil,' but you know you definitely want what's best for the world... Whatever that is. And once you figure it out, you'll try your best to make a difference. You ... Read more


Who cares about the rest of the world; you want what's best for you! And you'll go about getting it with a cheerful smile on your face. You're quite influencial, and when it's directed at the right pe... Read more


You're really quite neutral. I'm interested to see whether you stay in this mindset for the rest of your life, or if it's merely transitional. You don't have very strong opinions about how the world s... Read more


As the King Of Thieves, you're a rougue with a heart of gold. You don't consider yourself one of the good guys, but you won't run around causing (too much) havoc, either. You have ethics and you stick... Read more


You're not really that concerned with the activities of those who are 'good' and those who are 'evil,' and wouldn't classify yourself as either. The world is your buffet table, and you're going to tak... Read more


Your opinions and outlook on life is constantly changing, but one things for sure - you've got that leadership thing under your belt. Others look to you to make decisions, and you enjoy being in a pos... Read more


You've got strong opinions, values, and ideas about what you consider to be the right thing. Sometimes, however, these are tossed out the window in favour of the best plan of action or the most direct... Read more


You're a good person, and your actions reflect that, but sometimes your selfish tendancies stop you from going that extra mile and making a real difference. You happily follow orders, and have no part... Read more


Even though you're much more of a follower than a leader, you have a real desire to do good in the world. You believe in always doing the right thing, no matter what, and practice what you preach. Som... Read more

Old Gab

[This doesn't mean Gabrielle when she's elderly. Rather the earlier version of her with long hair, a staff, and a peace-loving attitude] You have very strong beliefs when it comes to right and wrong,... Read more


You're a good person, but so concerned about getting your own way that you're often too distracted to make a difference. You like money, and shiny things, and getting your own way. You have a talent f... Read more


You're strong. Not necessarily physically, but definitely emotionally. You have a well developed sense of right and wrong, but when push comes to shove you'll do what needs to be done. You're selfless... Read more


You're just a ball of shining love, aren't you? You're very passionate about your views and believe strongly in the Greater Good and making the world a better place. You always pull your weight on any... Read more


You usually do the right thing, and you have great leadership potential, but ultimately you're looking out for number one. That's okay. You'll probably get ahead quicker. Along with your success and g... Read more

New Gab

[This doesn't mean Gabrielle as a baby. Rather the later version of her with short hair, her sais, and a butt-kicking attitude] Although you're a strong force of good in the land, this is sometimes c... Read more


Wow, you're simply amazing. You have a very well developed sense of right and wrong, and are determined to be a force of good in the world. You are utterly selfless, putting everyone else above yourse... Read more

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