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Lord (or Lady) of Discipline

35% Saturn!

Saturn twists you up to believe that you have to be worthy of love. You spend your days building your empire, working like the proverbial dog, thinking that no one will like you for who you are. Once having secured your empire, you search for someone who is worthy of YOU. Oh, there is nothing wrong with wanting quality, for sure. However, you have such impossibly high standards no mere mortal can climb that pedestal on which you place them. In the meantime you spend your time slumming with people of low morals and character, whoring around, because you have to have your needs met somehow. This is where you get into trouble, because along the way you get attached to one of these scum bags. Then you find yourself trying to remake them into the image of your perfect mate.

Once you learn that you are no less worthy, or no one is more worthy than you, you can happily settle down to the relationship of equals you  deserve. That is if someone can drag you to the altar.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Saturn Distribution

    They scored 35% on Saturn, higher than 75% of your peers.

  • Uranus Distribution

    They scored 30% on Uranus, higher than 51% of your peers.

  • Neptune Distribution

    They scored 16% on Neptune, higher than 36% of your peers.

  • Pluto Distribution

    They scored 15% on Pluto, higher than 55% of your peers.

All possible test results

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Lord (or Lady) of Discipline

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