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Oh lordy! ###! Or in other words,

You're Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know! There's nothing like romantic mush, is there? Which is a shame for you, as you never dare to take the first step.

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I'm A Slave 4 U

You're frustrated. People around you can't accept that you're changing. Perhaps in a sexual sense. Or maybe you're just horny. Read more


You've discovered something new. And it's all you can think about. Someone new in your life perhaps? Read more


All you've ever been doing is serving others and living up to their expectations. Now you're fed up, and finally feel strong enough to confess your desire to just relax and be yourself. In true diva f... Read more


Your confidence is growing. Just watch it so you don't become a real bitch. But you could make it on your own anyway, don't you think? Read more


Change is a central part of your life. Clothes, haircolours, fuckbuddies. Recognise any of this? You just can't be satisfied with things staying the same. Read more

Oops! I Did It Again

You always say the wrong thing, don't you? You just can't keep your mouth shut. Speaking before thinking and stuff. Or maybe you're just misunderstood? Read more

Baby One More Time

Yes, you're the original. Always thinking and acting on your own impulses. You love being different, but still shudder at the thought of what your wardrobe looked like years ago. You need to express y... Read more

I Love Rock n' Roll

You're simple, but simple is good. You're a loyal person who sticks to the same things through thick and thin. And you stand up for your beliefs. Read more

Me Against The Music

What would you do without music? It's a scary thought, isn't it? Your life is just one big party. Read more

(You Drive Me) Crazy

You're sweet, but other people often misunderstand you. Like thinking you're an easy lay, when you in fact, are not. Not good. As you are easily broken. Read more


You're just a little bunny inside right? Filled with sweet mush which series like Full House have indoctrinated you with. But somewhere the bunny can't come away from what he's so good at, over and ov... Read more


Born To Make You Happy. You never think of yourself. You're very caring and humble. But people use you. Keep an eye on your credit card. Read more


You're Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know! There's nothing like romantic mush, is there? Which is a shame for you, as you never dare to take the first step. Read more


You are From The Bottom of My Broken Heart! Either you've just ended a relationship which has left you in emotional turmoil or you're a cheesy little thing. A drama queen. Disney movies are great, are... Read more


Behind all the glitz and glam there's a broken little birdie who just wants to be set free from its cage. Something is wrong, but you can't do anything about it as your fear of change is paralyzing. Read more

Not A Girl

You are Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman. You're growing up fast. Too fast. You feel stuck between two identities. Who am I? Perhaps you're even considering a sex change? Time to break it down to the basic... Read more


You're kind of pessimistic, right? As many highs as life brings you, there's always more lows. Suicide ever crossed your mind? Time to get a shrink. Read more

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