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You scored 32% selfinterested, 7% judgemental, 14% absorbed, and 40% shallow!

You act very selfless, but secretly just want everyone to appreciate you. You are routinely dishonest to spare the feelings of others and are destined to grow resentful. People aren't going to start hating you the moment you stop being a doormat. Honest! Your partners will grow weary of your subtle guilt trips and suppressed emotional neediness. Worry about becoming dependent on the approval of others.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • selfinterested Distribution

    They scored 32% on selfinterested, higher than 25% of your peers.

  • judgemental Distribution

    They scored 7% on judgemental, higher than 4% of your peers.

  • absorbed Distribution

    They scored 14% on absorbed, higher than 6% of your peers.

  • shallow Distribution

    They scored 40% on shallow, higher than 57% of your peers.

All possible test results


You are much too nice. You genuinely care about others and the feelings of others and remain honest and sincere. Others may see you as weak-willed and you should beware of those that might try to pr... Read more


You act very selfless, but secretly just want everyone to appreciate you. You are routinely dishonest to spare the feelings of others and are destined to grow resentful. People aren't going to start... Read more


You care about yourself, but you don't stand up for yourself. You may feel a bit conflicted. Your first relationships will probably be very passionate and unhealthy. Eventually, you will understand... Read more

Oblivious Martyr

You care about yourself more than anyone else, but you certainly don't act like it. You only care about other people in the context of being appreciated for following societies norms in persuit of yo... Read more

Closet Hater

You really hate other people. You are the moral and ethical one. You don't understand what is wrong with everyone else. You have very little tolerance for the shortcomings of others. You'll attrac... Read more

Society's Child

You do what is expected of you and don't understand why other people don't as well. You lack introspection and can be incredibly dishonest in order to avoid rocking the boat. You serve others by hab... Read more

Tough Lover

You have a very strong personality. You care about others needs, but aren't afraid to be brutally honest. You act alot like a parent even amoung your friends. Beware that you don't find a partner w... Read more

Serial Killer

You hate yourself. You hate other people. You constantly obsess about your own feelings. You really don't think others are worth your honesty. You are the nice guy nobody every expected would do a... Read more

Happy Balancer

You care about yourself and have a pleasent streak of ambition. You say what you mean, but you are rarely overly negative. You care about yourself and others genuinely. It's not like you're perfect... Read more


Whether out of concern or fear of reprisal, you do not allow your true feelings out. You are overly concerned about the opinions of others, even though you probably won't admit it. You want everyone... Read more

Reluctant Egotist

You often wonder what the point of all this is. You have a socially acceptible amount of ambition, but are not motivated to make the compromises needed to live the "good life". You probably spend a ... Read more

Friday Casual

If you had a little more ambition you would be a suit, but you are content with your middle class mind set. You deeply wish to be appreciated and liked by others, but sometimes lose sight of the peop... Read more

Weekend Hater

You have a healthy dose of ambition, but never learned to keep your mouth shut. Honesty is a virtue and you care enough about the people around you to say what is actually on your mind, whether they ... Read more


You fit in perfectly well and you know it. You keep up appearances at all costs and make sure not to rock the boat, even if it is in your best interest. You'll make a great employee for a large comp... Read more


It's true. You're brutally honest. You're sometimes insensitive. You aren't afraid to call a spade a spade. However, even though others may not realize it, you do not always act out of self-intere... Read more

Society's Royalty

You have enough of a back bone to strive to attain what society offers you, and can be extremely magnetic. You have little tolerance for the meek and can be manipulative at times. You'll undoubtedly... Read more

Respectable Bitch

You stand up for your own needs and desires. Many will admire you for this. You are nobody's doormat and don't take shit from anyone. However, you are able to maintain a deep set of ethics. Your p... Read more


You stand up for yourself and your own needs. You generally like other people, but you lack substance and routinely reject honesty for want of personal gain and acceptance. You care about other's fe... Read more


What's the point in lying or hating? It's all just a waste of time. It doesn't get you what you want in life, so what's the use? You probably hate going to Thanksgiving dinner just to make your par... Read more


If you don't own one, just go out and buy one now. You are ambitious and you are going places. You're not a hater, but at some point if you are not careful you will become a clone. You white-lie wi... Read more


You are butally honest. The world is full of fat poor idiots. Deep down you just want everyone to stop being so ridiculous, perhaps for their own good. You wish others would take more personal resp... Read more


Your ethical code is solely based on social expectations. You completely fail to realize when you lie, because you simply do what you have been socialized to do. You expect others to act properly as... Read more

Jack Ass

Don't worry this isn't the worst way to be. In fact, everyone has a friend like you that they secretly love. Close relationships are difficult though, because you really need someone who can stand u... Read more

Fucking Ass Hole

You are a liar who has no problem using people up and throwing them away. You don't give a shit about anyone except yourself. You take pride in aspects of your life you have no bussiness taking cred... Read more

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