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The Movement

You're one of those inspirational geniuses. You're The Movement. If you have any social skills whatsoever, you might already even have a disciple or two. Good for you!

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Blue Collar Rocker

You're either in a really lousy garage band, or you run a website for one. For you, the sweaty white noise is its own reward. Also, your neighbors probably hate you. Read more

The Moonlighter

You are something of a living paradox, in that you combine a considerable wealth of artistic ability with an unlikely knack for holding down a job, and possibly even having a very successful career in... Read more

The Hermit

You are modest, soft-spoken, considerate, warm, loving, compassionate towards all living things, and possessed by genius. In other words, you're an idiot savant. Read more

The Undergrad

Wow! The world is so COOL and everything is so NEW and UNIQUE, ya' know? My guess is you starred in someone's student film recently. Read more

The Rebel

Maybe you worked at the college radio station and played stuff that the PD told you not to play, or maybe you're the guy who starts the fight with the uncle or brother-in-law you never liked at funera... Read more

The Historic Moment

You command a great deal of respect for your work. You are The Historic Moment, and people will remember your work fondly for a long time! Personally, you are probably hard to work with at times and... Read more

The Hack

You're The Hack. You're most likely a royal prick bastard. You should probably just shut up already. Read more

The Bass Player

You're that person who's functionally proficient at an uncommon skill, and thus you're a pretty hot commodity. You're The Bass Player. Just don't throw your weight around too much, or you'll find ou... Read more

The Diva

Is there a little diva in all of us? Possibly. Is it all over you like red on a firetruck? HELL YEAH! If you weren't so good at what you do, it probably wouldn't be all that hard to despise you. Read more

Weekend Landscaper

On weekends, you paint landscapes in water colors, mostly because oils are tough to wash out of that cream-colored shag carpeting in the den. You're the Weekend Landscaper. You stick to just landsca... Read more

College Photographer

Sometimes you get really sad, but you probably have a boyfriend, a bunny rabbit, or something else around to cheer you up. In general, you tend to be too hard on yourself. You're The College Photogr... Read more

The Easily Mused

Your life is your art. Both are brilliant. YOU are brilliant. You are The Easily Mused. My guess: You've probably experienced a lot of that cool stuff in life that other people want. Lucky slob! Read more

The Suicide King

You will take your own life at the age of 27. If you are older than 27 (and still alive), please re-take the test. You must have answered one of the questons incorrectly, or else you lied. Read more

CoffeeHouse RockStar

You're that cool cat who rocks the open mic at the local Starbucks. You're the CoffeeHouse RockStar. Maybe you're a performance poet who took some acting classes in college, or one of those folk sin... Read more

The Genius

In case it hasn't dawned on you, you are The Genius. When people who do the same thing you do talk about you, they say things like, "Oh yeah, (your name here) is a genius!" Whether or not the word "... Read more

The Professor

If you have a PhD, you're the type who insists on EVERYONE referring to you as "Doctor." You're The Professor. You're probably a pretty obnoxious Professor, too. I'm guessing you're also rather kno... Read more

The Love Jones Poet

Your art and your social life are intimately related. I'm guessing you don't always get laid as often as you'd like. And no, you CAN'T bum a cigarette! Read more

The Torture Artist

You are The Torture Artist, partially because you suffer for your art, but chiefly because it sounds REALLY cool. And that sort of thing matters an awful lot to you. But hey! You're the genius! Sc... Read more

DesignSchool Dropout

Look, Mom and I aren't saying we don't ever want you to go to grad school. We're just saying that maybe if you worked for a year or two before you applied, that real-world experience might better pre... Read more

The Activist

If you possess any organizational skills whasoever, you probably get good use out of them. You are the Activist, and to you everything is for a reason. Are you a REAL artist? Mmmmmmmmmmaybe. Do yo... Read more

The Movement

You're one of those inspirational geniuses. You're The Movement. If you have any social skills whatsoever, you might already even have a disciple or two. Good for you! Read more

The Wannabe

You know, the thing is, what does a stupid little quiz like this mean anyway, right? But the other thing is, as far as this insignicant gauge of artistic merit is concerned, your shit is REALLY bad, ... Read more

The Art Chick

Even if you're a guy, deep down inside you're The Art Chick. You're so Art Chick, you've probably even thought about doing something like visting Tibet or braiding your hair in the past. There could... Read more

The Hippy Messiah

You seem both remarkably talented, and remarkably comfortable with that fact. You're probably one of those political types, aren't you? Read more

The Protege

You like to bluster a lot. You call it, "art." Keep working hard, one day you will be as good as you think you are! Read more

The Maestro

Fearless, committed, daring, almost always capable enough to muster up enough talent and pull it all off, you are The Maestro. It is possible that those around you gain more from their relatonship wi... Read more

The Ubermensch

If scientists found a way to cross the DNA of Goethe, Pavorati, Picasso, and Da Vinci, YOU would be the outcome! And relax, that is NOT my way of saying you're really fucking ugly. Read more

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