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You scored 43% knowledge and 68% taste!

Your knowledge is terrible, but there is potential with your taste. If you think Ben Affleck is a good actor, however, there is no hope for you.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • knowledge Distribution

    They scored 43% on knowledge, higher than 74% of your peers.

  • taste Distribution

    They scored 68% on taste, higher than 91% of your peers.

All possible test results

Not so smart

You need to pay more attention to movies when you watch them. I can't believe you took my test thinking you would be able to get most of them right! And your taste in movies? Terrible!!! We would ... Read more


Your knowledge is terrible, but there is potential with your taste. If you think Ben Affleck is a good actor, however, there is no hope for you. Read more


Ok, so your knowledge of movies is pretty crappy, but your taste is pretty similar to mine, which is a good thing. Let's just work on that knowledge, shall we? Read more


Alrighty, you're dumb as a rock when it comes to knowing the obscure things i know about movies. But, our taste in movies is so similar, that i'm willing to forget about this low score on knowledge. ... Read more

Room for improvement

You need to start watching some better movies. Obviously you watch a few a good ones to get a C or D on knowledge, but you must stop watching bad movies. When I say bad movies I mean anything with B... Read more


You know a little and your taste in movies isn't terrible. But there's room for improvement on both. Watch some more movies and pay attention. And when you're watching some movies, make sure they'r... Read more


Your knowledge isn't great, but your taste makes up for it a little. Just keep plugging away at the DVD section of your video store. And try to absorb a little more info while you watch the movies. Read more


OK, so we're dead on with taste! But you need to watch a few more movies, and/or play some movie games with fellow movie buffs. You'll absorb some of their information. It's really weird how that w... Read more


you know pretty much about decent movies, but your taste in movies is incredibly terrible! please go to the video store and ask a competent worker which movie he/she recommends. And please stop watc... Read more


You've got something going here. Your knowledge is pretty good, and your taste is average. But you have some potential to grow. Just watch a lot of PT Anderson films, and some really good comedies.... Read more


I like what I see. Watch a few more movies then take my next test. I think you'll do much better. You just need retain more information. And that's about it. Good job! Read more


Very good job! Great taste!!! And good knowledge. You need to watch a few more movies and absorb the information a little better, and you're golden! Read more


How is this possible? Your knowledge is through the roof! But your taste is so terrible I don't even think I can speak with you! Get away from my test! Now!!! Read more


Very good score on the knowledge! I'm proud of you. But I'm not proud of your taste in movies. Let's see what we can do to bring that up a little. Stop watching Ben Affleck movies. Stop watching ... Read more

Very good

Awesome! You did very well. I think you'd be a good contender for my movie games! Just watch a few more better movies! Read more


I think you're my soulmate! We would get along so well when it comes to movies. You'd probably get all the random things I say or quote. And you'd be an excellent partner or foe at any of my many m... Read more

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