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Their result for The I May Be Bad, But I Feel Good Test ...

Evil Incarnate

You scored 50% Brutality, 56% Intellect, 61% Ambition, and 50% Style!

You are Mittens, Eater of Worlds. You are the penultimate villain, evil made flesh. And no one will ever be the wiser, until it's much, much too late.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Brutality Distribution

    They scored 50% on Brutality, higher than 41% of your peers.

  • Intellect Distribution

    They scored 56% on Intellect, higher than 58% of your peers.

  • Ambition Distribution

    They scored 61% on Ambition, higher than 62% of your peers.

  • Style Distribution

    They scored 50% on Style, higher than 40% of your peers.

All possible test results


You are Gargamel. Your inner villain is perhaps not even that villainous or diabolical, just a little cranky and mean-spirited. Your schemes always go awry for reasons you can't grasp, you have no al... Read more

End Boss

You are Wood Man. Your inner villain likes flash and glam, and very little else besides. Perhaps you just like to be the bad guy in the limelight. Perhaps you like throwing barrages of energy beams... Read more


You are Venger. Your inner villain dreams big, but is often foiled by resourceful young children from other dimensions and their woefully unbalanced magical weapons. Those jerks. Don't worry, be ha... Read more

Evil Genius

You are Dr. Evil. Your inner villain is a resourceful one, alright. You've got moxie, charisma, what some might call, "mo-jo." And even if the only reason you have it is because you extracted it fro... Read more

Mad Scientist

You are Dr. Strangelove. Your inner villain not so villainous as brilliant, albeit misunderstood, a tad morally suspect and almost completely insane. Frequently, you are recruited for your genius by... Read more


You are Al Swearengen. Your inner villain is one of class and couth, a breed apart from the usual drooling, gibbering dirt worshippers that people the ranks of evildoers. You can schmooze with the b... Read more


You are Darth Sidious/Chancellor Palpatine. Your inner villain is a winning combination of brains and sheer tenacity. You very quickly ascend the ranks, moving nations around like chess pieces. Whi... Read more


You are Doctor Doom. Your inner villain is the perfect antithesis to those namby-pamby, spandex clad, goody two-shoes superheroes. You have foresight, panache, and a not inconsiderable degree of per... Read more


You are Grendel. Your inner villain is the naughty, destructive type. You have little patience for accruing power, wealth and status, likely because your claws and jaws are the only power you feel y... Read more


You are Warduke. Yours is an inner villain of great vengeance and furious anger, not to mention fashion sense. You have that sort of raw charisma that one gets from decapitating entire armies and bu... Read more


You are Sauron. Your inner villain cares nothing for the niceties of more sophisticated villainy. You're about power, plain and simple, and you'll mow down as many horselords and dwarves as it takes... Read more


You are Mumm-Ra. Your inner villain's business is self-gratification, and business is good. You know how to properly ham it up with real "fire-and-brimstone" incantations, and you've got friends in ... Read more


You are Shinobi. Your inner villain cares nothing for fancies, nor has any ambition to rise above his proper station. Nothing fetters you from the true goal - the swift and merciless death of those ... Read more

Doomed Champion

You are Elric of Melnibone. Your inner villain is dark, brooding, and dangerous. You'd almost make a good antihero, if you weren't so busy slaughtering people with your soul devouring sword or swear... Read more


You are the Jedi Revan. Your inner villain has a purpose, likely known only to you. You care nothing of what others think about you. Your actions speak for themselves, and speak loudly. Your kind ... Read more

Evil Incarnate

You are Mittens, Eater of Worlds. You are the penultimate villain, evil made flesh. And no one will ever be the wiser, until it's much, much too late. Read more

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