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Their result for The How Naturally Weird Are You? Test ...

Dull But You.

You scored 39 Weirdness and 85 Naturalness!

Your completely naturally you. This you is boring and mainstream- but it's still you.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Weirdness Distribution

    They scored 39% on Weirdness, higher than 12% of your peers.

  • Naturalness Distribution

    They scored 85% on Naturalness, higher than 77% of your peers.

All possible test results

Dull. And Stupider.

God you're dull. Not only that- society has MADE you dull. You're not NATURALLY dull at all- if you tried you could probably revert to a healthily neurotic self. Stop trying to conform! Read more

Dull. And Stupid.

You may be trying to be a little bit more normal then you need to be. Not only do you lack weirdness, you dont lack it naturally. Stop trying to be normal and just be yourself- trying to be anything e... Read more

Dull. Oh well...

You act like you, but this is not such a good thing. I certainly don't want to spend time with you if you act like a boring sod the whole time. Read more

Brilliantly Dull.

You are a natural at boring others to tears. So bloody normal it's scary. Stop. Please. Its the people lie you in the world that get killed off in action movies... Read more


You try to be something your not, and I dont know what it is your circumstances have made you but it sure as hell isnt weird. Read more


You're not that weird. But also not naturally not that weird. From which you can draw any conclusion that you like. Read more


You're fairly sure you're you, but I'm fairly sure that this you isnt weird in any particualr way. Not that odd, but you know it. Read more

Dull But You.

Your completely naturally you. This you is boring and mainstream- but it's still you. Read more

Quirky- Blame THEM

You're not entirely normal- but then again- who is? And like many people- it's almost all due to your circumstances. Left to your own devices you'd be a stable person. Oh well... Read more

Quirky-Its Not You

Your quirks aren't all your fault, but neither is sociey entirely to blame. It's them for the majority but not for ALL of it. A bit of freak is sitting inside you hoping to get out. :) Read more

Quirky- Its You

You're slightly odd. And you're almost all naturally fairly odd. If nothing had got to you between birth and now it's likely you'd still be seeing a few disturbing things dancing in front of you...So ... Read more

Quirky- U LOVE IT

You're a a bit strange but you wouldnt be any toher way. It's all you baby. I'ts who you are and nothing in the world is gonna change that! Read more

Totally Fucked Up

You are a complete and utter NUT, FRUITCAKE, CRAKERJACK or whatever else you want to call it. But you weren't born that way. YOu were warped by society. The GOVERNMENT FUCKED YOU UP MAN! hehe Read more

Slightly Fucked Up

Werid weird freakish freaky freak you. It's not really your fault- its down to THEM. You could have functioned as a normal person in society once.....Oh well....Too late now.... Read more

Almost All Nut

You're like a chocolate coated Brazilnut. Nutty in the middle with a small coating of bad influence coating you to make you seem odder then you're fucked up nut shape already suggests. That should mak... Read more

Weird and Wonderful!

WAY!!!!! You were born a freak and you're not afraid to show it! I LOVE you! Be weirder! Provoke the animals chewing on your frontal lobe(that's right. I can see them!, and live life to the oddest ext... Read more

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