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Their result for The Good And Evil Test ...

Swaying to good

Each score was a maximum of 62, with the impossibility to score maximum in both, but the possibility for zero in both. Finally, you scored 39 in goodness and 19 in evil! Which means...

You're on the horrizontal side of the pit's edge, but you're not what one would call 'clean'. Your natural tendency is to do good but you rarely take shit from anyone and sometimes deal it to others yourself... Maybe you're just being naughty, and I don't mean hiding pens from their owners in/around their own office/desk/house, I mean serious shit. Well, choices are open for you. You can stick to being a little better than not, clean yourself or even taint yourself further.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Goodness Distribution

    They scored 39% on Goodness, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • Evil Distribution

    They scored 19% on Evil, higher than 21% of your peers.

All possible test results

Working class

Your score is 0-15 in both good and evil. You're lame. All you care about is the rat race, getting ahead in this filth of a world. You don't have preocupations. You don't even know how to debase yours... Read more

Annoying Clerk

Well, it could be worse... could it? You just can't do something... special, can't you? Not even for evil? C'mon, live your life! Even if it means knee-capping a sweet little old lady, something you'r... Read more


Well you're no good and you're not perfect in wickedness. You care too much for the rat race, and you're probably good at it too! Your ruthlessness allows for this, and you should probably test your h... Read more

Demon wannabe

Yep, you'd be more in your own as a demon, because you have the evil for it. You can also do some wicked business if you like, but you're probably happy about 9/11 and if you're not also calm, you're ... Read more


...but not quite there. You need to spruce up your life, booby! And by the looks of it you enjoy good more than evil. Try to stick to that more than at present, 'sharpen' it if you will. Religion migh... Read more


Make up your damn mind! Or don't if you're fun! You sway between good and evil but with moderation in both. Nice balance but you need to take it to the next level, if you know what I mean. Probably wo... Read more

Swaying to evil

Yes, you are. Well, for certain you're more evil than good at least at this point. Though you balance it well and might even escape hell if you step over your heart. However that's not something you d... Read more

Darth Vader?

But since you are not placed in such extreme conditions you will never be that... violent. You are very set in evil but occasionally see fit to do some good, if anything to balance or to seem like you... Read more

Good guy/girl

You're the good guy/girl, you generally try to do the right thing, although occasionally you lack the inner strength. One can probably say you're sweet, that unless you're the loner/misunderstood type... Read more

Swaying to good

You're on the horrizontal side of the pit's edge, but you're not what one would call 'clean'. Your natural tendency is to do good but you rarely take shit from anyone and sometimes deal it to others y... Read more


You have complexity. You are neither absolutely good nor absolutely evil, in fact there's either a balance (if you're lucky) or a balanceD CONFLICT (in which case, kinda sucks to be you). You like the... Read more


Your good is great, and your evil is, well... greater. This gives you both the commitment and the ruthlessness needed to be an efficient leader. You should go into politics (without sacrificing your g... Read more

Simply good

You hit the spot, (wo)man of God! You are probably close to being a saint (see the Saint test for more details). Although I'm biased one can tell how good you are! You are a boon unto the world, and t... Read more


You successfully balance your great good with a healthy supply of... dirtyness. You are generally helpful and great to have around but it's not unheard of for you to hurt some1 or act cruel. You are b... Read more

Tormented soul

Your soul is convoulted, though good prevails. But the demon is never far away, always tempting you into mischief... it takes all your goodness to counteract it. You struggle with yourself at times. Y... Read more


Better watch out, schitzophrenia might be around the corner... you are more complex than complex. You have the potential for great things, both in good and evil, if only you could tidy up your act and... Read more

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