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Interesting...A ###%

Hey! Everyone makes mistakes, and your just one of those normal guys..oh well.

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    They scored 48% on offpoints, higher than 82% of your peers.

All possible test results


You are one of the most non offensive people on this earth. Infact it's a miracle you scored this low. You are the type of person that strays away from hurting others feelings, and you definately DO N... Read more


You are a good person! Every once and a while something will slip, but it's barely noticable, and rarely done. Maybe the occasional curse, or drunken mistake, but all in all, you are a good person. Read more


You try and try, and you usually suceed, but about once a week, someone will get offended. Oh well, try a little harder to be less irritating. Read more


Hey! Everyone makes mistakes, and your just one of those normal guys..oh well. Read more

The bad boy/girl

You are offensive. You smoke, or drink, or both. You got a bunch of inappropriate jokes at your disposal, and you have probably hurt someones feelings in the past week. Read more

Little Devil

You smoke, you drink, you fart in public, and you probably go out of your way to hurt someones feelings. Hell, you probably even laugh about it afterwards. You like your sex rough, and you liquor hard... Read more

Evil Incarnite

You smoke, you drink, you get turned on by little girls, and you definately hate those truth ads! You are one offensive mother fucker and I can't believe that someone could score this high, unless the... Read more

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