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Richard III

Evil, but enjoys his own evilness. Richard III knows he is a villain and admits his plans to the audience.

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The Walk-On

Your character either does not have a name, or is called something like "attendant" or "Third Lord." Your job is to stand in the background and remain silent. If you do get to speak, it is only one ... Read more


You are the fool from "As You Like It." Touchstone's name comes from an Elizabethan word that refers to anything that could be used to test the genuineness or value of something else. Touchstone tes... Read more

King Lear

Aging king of ancient Britain, King Lear splits his kingdom between his two evil daughters and banishes his one good daughter. Lear is blind to people's true natures and ultimately suffers great trag... Read more


Falstaff is a heavy drinking coward who gives much comic relief in "Henry IV Part I" but is destined to come to a tragic end in "Henry IV Part II." He also appears as a lead comic character in "The M... Read more

Henry V

Henry V is a true patriot, giving rousing speeches to motivate his men to fight against the French. Henry is forgiving of minor offenses, but he will fight hard for things he considers to be most imp... Read more

Nick Bottom

Nick Bottom is an Athenian weaver and acts the part of Pyramus in a play in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Bottom loves the sound of his own voice and believes that he is the best actor, even though he... Read more


Philosophical procrastinator, Hamlet is among the greatest tragic characters ever created. In dispair over his father's murder and his mother's marriage to his uncle, Hamlet discovers that his new st... Read more


The classic romantic, Romeo is in love with being in love, and switches quickly from Roseline to Juliet. Romeo is comic in the beginning, but turns tragic when this starcrossed lover takes his life f... Read more


One of the most evil characters in all of literature, Iago's intense jealousy and racism causes the deats of several innocent people. Read more

Richard III

Evil, but enjoys his own evilness. Richard III knows he is a villain and admits his plans to the audience. Read more


A prophesy triggers a series of bad choices from an otherwise good man, and Macbeth sinks into corruption and evil. His own evilness brings him down. Read more


The villain of the comedy "The Merchant of Venice," Shylock is a loan shark, demanding a pound of flesh as penalty for defaulting on a loan. But his greed backfires on him through a clever reversal o... Read more


Hot-headed Tybalt picks a fight with Romeo with tragic consequences. Tybalt's death causes a chain-reaction that brings about the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Read more


The mischevous attendant and jester of Oberon, the Fairy King, Puck (Robin Goodfellow) plays practical jokes on Titania and others in the woods and ends up having to make amends. Read more


The Moor of Venice, Othello marries Desdemona, a white woman, provoking racist attitudes against him. Othello makes Iago jealous by promoting Cassio instead of Iago, who manipulates Othello into beli... Read more

Titus Andronicus

Evil, tragic, romantic, and comic all at once, Titus Andronicus is the title character of one of Shakespeare's most repellent tragic comedy blood-bath drama. Read more

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