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90's Rock Guru

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Kurt Who? Guns Who?

Wait, who are these bands? Nirvana? Gun 'n Roses? The Red Hot Chili Peppers? What the hell man! Don't feel too bad, there's no special prize here for knowing useless trivia (or is there?). It's the m... Read more

Best Of Collection

Woo! 90's rock! Wait, who preforms that song? Damn it, I can't remember! Oh well. You don't know a whole lot of the details, but you still know enough to know what 90's rock is. You're more likely to ... Read more


Nice job, you know the basic stuff - or at least the stuff that's worth knowing. There's no point in knowing every little detail unless you're obsessed or something (like me). Read more

90's Rock Guru

Awesome job! You know your early 90's rock! Read more

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