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Pixy Stick

You scored 39% Flexibility, 43% Assertive, 67% Sensitivity, and 52% Outgoing!

You are a pixie stick. You may be shy at first, but once someone gets to know you, you are very open about everything. The pixie stick is a paper container with flavored sugar inside. That means that it doesn't take too much to get you to open up, and when you do, people find that you are a nice, caring, and sensitive person.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Flexibility Distribution

    They scored 39% on Flexibility, higher than 9% of your peers.

  • Assertive Distribution

    They scored 43% on Assertive, higher than 52% of your peers.

  • Sensitivity Distribution

    They scored 67% on Sensitivity, higher than 66% of your peers.

  • Outgoing Distribution

    They scored 52% on Outgoing, higher than 80% of your peers.

All possible test results


You are a Peppermint. You are a well rounded individual who's open and friendly. The peppermint is hard, round, and minty and can be found pretty much anywhere. You tend get along with most people, a... Read more

Chocolate Mint

You are a chocolate mint. You are very outgoing and a social butterfly. You tell people exactly what you think. You are not afraid to speak your mind and voice your opinion. You'd make a great pub... Read more

Milk Duds

You are a Milk Dud. You are typically a shy person, an observer. You prefer to keep a small group of close friends. You are sweet on the outside and chewy on the inside, which means that you are ar... Read more

Pixy Stick

You are a pixie stick. You may be shy at first, but once someone gets to know you, you are very open about everything. The pixie stick is a paper container with flavored sugar inside. That means th... Read more

Chocolate Bar

You are a chocolate bar! You are a traditionalist, easy going and sensual. People usually find you easy to get along with. You are also the take charge type. You don't like anyone pushing you arou... Read more

Jolly Rancher

You are a Jolly Rancher. A hard candy that's good for any occasion. You are the life of the party, spontaneous and friendly. Everyone loves to have you close by. Read more

Sweet Tart

You are a sweet tart! You are hard, yet chewable, and tarty. You tend to be a leader type. You are sensitive to other people's needs, and usually always give them your opinion. Read more


You are an M&M. Hard cany shell on the outside, soft, sweet chocolate on the inside. You like to take charge in your life. You are the type of person to take things into your own hands to fix a pro... Read more

Salt Water Taffy

You are a taffy. You are a very optimistic and open person. Nothing seems to really bother you, and you go through life, stopping to smell the roses whenever possible. You feel you can accomplish a... Read more

Tootsie Roll

You are a Tootsie Roll! You are cooperative, passive, and friendly. Some might see you as easy going, and easy to get along with. You can easily tell people how you feel, and you are also a good li... Read more


You are a Twizzler! You are flexible and sensitive. You are a great listener and very optimistic. You can overcome many hurdles in life. You value others opinions and always strive to make the wor... Read more

Gummy Bear

You are a Gummy Bear! You are flexible, caring, and a good listener. You usually place others above yourself. You make a good friend, and loving partner. Read more


You are a Skittle! You have a hard candy exterior with a chewy, sweet center. You typically have strong personality, yet a nice person overall. You can take charge of a situation and adapt to any p... Read more


You are a Lolipop! - Not a sucker :p. Everyone loves the lolypop. A hard candy on a stick, pretty much. It's not too hard to figure out. You get along with many people becuase you are outgoing and... Read more

Bubble Gum

You are gum! You are flexible, and sensitive. You are also the type of person who might be a bit competitive also. You would make a good manager or leader of a company. You can adjust to any probl... Read more

Malt Ball

You are a well rounded person who is outgoing and friendly. You are sweet on the outside, and crunchy on the inside, which means you are nice, but stern. You perfer not to get over emotional on thin... Read more

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