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You are a cracksman! You are a true criminal professional. No door is truly closed to you, no room barred – provided you get the chance to tickle the lock with your clockwork picks, patent screws, or, if all else fails, your special  corrosive mixture.

Just be careful not to spill any.

All possible test results

Field Mechanic

You are a field mechanic! Steam may be the propellant of the Industrial Age, but what is it there to guarantee that a steam carriage won't break down, leaving you ... Read more

Railway Engineer

You are a railway engineer! Under your guidance, railway companies tighten their steel grip on the land. Your designs allow workers to punch holes through hills, s... Read more


You are a submariner! You cross the seas unseen, guarding your nativve shores from enemy vessels. Your job lets you see the world from a unique perspective, restri... Read more

Artillery Officer

You are an artilery officer! You command the great guns that rain explosive shells on your nation's enemies, digging up trenches and crushing stone redoubts into f... Read more

Snake Oil Merchant

You are a snake oil merchant! You travel from town to town seling your patent medicine to locals. You give boisterous speeches regarding your products' effectivene... Read more


You are a missionary! You have answered the call, and are on a mission bring the Word of God to the backwardly, ignorant savage, setting his bare and dusty feet on... Read more


You are a pioneer! You build roads and span rivers, conquering the vast expanse of your country's colonial empire in a never-ending search for raw materials. You a... Read more

Colonial Administrator

You are a colonial administrator! Your nation's colonial empire rests on the backs of men and women such as yourself. It is you who ensure the ever-increasing flow... Read more

Steamship Mariner

You are a steamship mariner! The paddle- or propeller-driven, steam-belching leviathans that carry untold quantities of trading goods and thousands of passengers a... Read more

Merchant Marine Captain

You are a merchant marine captain! On the bridge of a fast clipper or a small steamer, you sail the high seas in search of profit from seasonal cash crops, be it C... Read more

Mechanized Cavalier

You are a mechanized cavalier! Mimicking the dash of cavalry from days hence, you strut astride your steam and clockwork mechanopods on fields of battle all arroun... Read more

Airship Captain

You are an airship captain! You test the limits of technology in the most elusive of motive media. Drifting throught the puffy white billows, the chimnies of your ... Read more


You are a colonist! Driven to far-removed wastelands, plains, and malarial cesspools by persecution, poverty, indenture or as punishment for your crimes, you till ... Read more

Country Gent

You are a country gent! As the landed gentry gives way to the urban industrialist as the cornerstone of society, you find your pristine manorial lands encroached u... Read more


You are a soldier! A foot soldier, the mainstay of any army. Most of the time, you are protecting the borders of your homeland and its possessions from spear-wield... Read more


You are an explorer! Brave souls such as yourself expand the boundaries of your nation's colonial empire, as the needs for cheap resources grow. To keep the factor... Read more


You are a programmer! Few people are capable of realizing the skill it takes to convert an ordinary process into a logical algorhythm, and transcribing such an alg... Read more


You are a scientist! Your mind bubbles with ever more ways to discern Creation's fundamental principles, and your daily workload is capable of frying the neurons o... Read more


You are a saboteur! Anarchist, Luddite, or mercenary, you are the nemesis of the exploiter, the greatest fear of the insurance company, and the last resort of the ... Read more

Diplomat or Spy

In this New Age of technology, it is ever widely accepted that civilized, developed nations cannot wage a war profitably, as the destructive power of ordnance incr... Read more


You are a medium, a clairvoyant, a psychic. Spirits of the departed and weird entities from beyond speak to you as they do to few others, and you see it is your mi... Read more

Professional or Clergyman

The professional is the mainstay of the bourgeoasie, the model of the industrious middle class citizen. Countless clerks, lawyers and doctors oil the cogs of urban... Read more

Police Detective

You are a police detective! Unlike the patrol coppers that prowl the streets, simply acting as bogeymen for street urchins and molesters of dollymops, you deal wit... Read more

Politician or Industrialist

Whether your bid is to steer the ship of state or command an expanding enterprenurial empire, you embrace a life of struggle and brutal competition in a never-endi... Read more


You are a mechanic! The world is diven through the New Age by machine power, and you are what keeps the machines going. With steam power harnessed to work for the ... Read more

Daguerrotypist or Kinotropist

A daguerrotypist uses the power of new science to freeze specks of reality and transfer them to chemically treated scraps fo paper, creating portraits or keepsakes... Read more


You are a cracksman! You are a true criminal professional. No door is truly closed to you, no room barred – provided you get the chance to tickle the lock with y... Read more

Steam Cariage Racer

You are a steam carriage racer! New technology means power, and power means speed. You race your steam carriage on country roads or down muddy tracks, competing with sco... Read more

Street Person

You are a street person! In life, you were given a choice of joning the faceless hordes of industrial workers, or living off the scraps of the higher-ups. You were... Read more


You are an artist! Through your chosen (and time-proven) medium, you interpret reality or create one of your own, to either delight or derision of eminent critics and th... Read more


You are a policeman! Not of the detectoring sort, mind you: the quintessential beat officer, you keep the streets safe at night. If it weren’t for you, the great cities would lapse into chaos. Who w... Read more


You are a sportsman! Not a professional athlete in the modern sense, but rather an urban aristocrat with a strong interest in the physical sphere. No doubt you a... Read more

The Apology

If this is your result, an error has occured. Send me some feedback, and I'll get around to repairing it eventually. Read more

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