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You scored 37 greediness!

Byron "Buster" Bluth... you're really just too stupid to be greedy. Nothing much else to say.

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    They scored 37% on greediness, higher than 34% of your peers.

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You are goody-two-shoes George-Micheal Bluth. Sure you're named after the singer/songwriter who did the nasty with a cop in a bathroom... but you still always do the right thing... when you're not try... Read more


Micheal Bluth, the man holding his family together. You're pretty un-greedy... but, dude, you tried to steal your brother's hot latina girlfriend! Plus you tried to have a one-night stand with a blind... Read more


Byron "Buster" Bluth... you're really just too stupid to be greedy. Nothing much else to say. Read more


Ok.. she's "Technically" a Fünke... but Maeby is still a Bluth at heart. She made up a sick girl in order to cash in on some big-cheque money. She conned her way to a sweet film job... and she's alwa... Read more


George Oscar Bluth, named for his father and Uncle... but he just goes by GOB... pronounced Jobe... not like the Canadian pop-punk group, "gob". I acctually think he's cool... but yeah, he's a failure... Read more


Lidsay Bluth, Micheal's twin sister... she's a bitch. She tries to cheat on her husband... who is so not gay! She always must buy the lastest clothes... even though her family is "poor". Read more


Lucille Bluth is only worried about fitting in with the poshest of society. Blah blah blah... she's greedy.... you get it. Read more

George Sr.

George Bluth... how greedy is he... well, he got arrested for stealing money from his company, and fled jail when it was found out that he was guilty of "light treason." He sacrifieced his twin brothe... Read more

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