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Their result for The Uber Compatibility (OOOOOLD) Test ...


You scored 75 emotional, 47 mental, 45 physical, and 64 wildcard!

You're not exactly the brightest bulb in the box, but we'd click nicely. A good friend, if not a long conversation waiting to happen.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • emotional Distribution

    They scored 75% on emotional, higher than 85% of your peers.

  • mental Distribution

    They scored 47% on mental, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • physical Distribution

    They scored 45% on physical, higher than 50% of your peers.

  • wildcard Distribution

    They scored 64% on wildcard, higher than 90% of your peers.

All possible test results

The "Meh"

Eh, we might get along. I doubt it though. It's nothing personal really, but you're not the kind of person I would go out of my way to meet off the internets, unless you're really funny. Read more

The WTF?

Well, we'd get along based on our mutual interests...but categorically speaking, you suck. Read more

The Booty Call

Not enough mutual interests to be a fuckbuddy, not quite smart enough for conversation (or at least not willing to do mental exercises of any kind), and emotionally incompatible. You're ... Read more

The Fuckbuddy

We have enough common interests to have fun conversations and get along with each other. We have enough similarities in our sexual natures to get along well in the sack, but emotionally and mentally ... Read more

Mortal Enemy

You're smart, but you dislike most of that which I love, we're emotionally and sexually incompatible. We would duke it out, no question. Read more


We should meet for coffee and chat. We'd have great conversations. What have you been reading lately? Read more


We could hang out. The spark isn't there, the interests aren't, but that just means we have things to learn from each other. Either that or you're a dude, in which case, you're a brainy guy... Read more

Damn Near Perfect

You'd break my heart, or there's just no spark. In every other way we'd get along great. Wanna meet at coffee? Perhaps a bookstore? Read more


Our hearts are in the same place, everything else isn't. We'd probably make great friends. Read more


You're not exactly the brightest bulb in the box, but we'd click nicely. A good friend, if not a long conversation waiting to happen. Read more

The Crush

We have nothing in common. Our minds do not mesh. If you're a chick, our bodies probably would, and I'd probably fall for you. If you're a dude, well, you're competition :) Read more

Almost Flawless

Everything about us clicks. You probably just got bored on the brain part, right? If not, we wouldn't have much in the way of stimulating conversation, but we'd have a hell of a lot of fun together. Read more

Good Friend

You'd be a great friend, we'd learn a lot from each other. Read more

Best Friend

Yup, we'd be the best of friends, possibly lovers if you're female. If you are female, however, you're a future ex-wife candidate. Read more

The "OMG"

There are dealbreakers, there are things we dislike about each other, but everything else clicks. Either we just don't have much in common or we hate each other's style. Either way, I'd like you. E... Read more

Perfection in a Box

You are like, perfect. I hope you're a woman who lives in California somewhere, and by the Grace of God, is single. You should send me a message and we'll meet, but chances are I already know you. ... Read more

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