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Castor & Polydeuces

You scored 53 in heroism! For your hero's story visit www.loggia.com/myth/heroes.html

(AKA Castor and Pollux) These twins really only came in a pair, so let's just say that you're both of them. That said, you're skilled in some pretty neat everyday stuff - like taming horses or boxing - but you will also do anything to help your family. You are also very inspirational to others, and take well to neat places like the sea or space.

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    They scored 53% on heroism, higher than 37% of your peers.

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So you may not be too much of a fighter, but you are artistic! Sensetive and loving (and maybe a bit mopey), you are actually the offspring of music and inspiration themselves, so you don't even need ... Read more


Unfortunately, you are hardly a hero at all. You may want to be, and you may be the king of Sparta, but the moment Paris, the only 'hero' wimpier than you, stole your wife off to Troy, you went crying... Read more


You may have been a great warrior back in the day, but now all you really do is tell stories about it. Of course, people don't mind. You give the best advice of anyone around, which suits your decrepi... Read more


You're the virgin huntress often associated with Artemis! And you're fast! But more importantly, you're the only woman who went with Jason and his Argonauts on their epic quest! You may not be a warri... Read more


You're the intelligent hero. Of course, that doesn't mean you're not an accomplished warrior, but you are definately sneaky and diplomatic. Other heroes come to you for advice on how to sack cities or... Read more


You're the ultimate powerful king... as long as there's somebody there to help you keep your clumsy foot out of your mouth. You're pretty large yourself too, and you enjoy a good jug of wine. You have... Read more

Castor & Polydeuces

(AKA Castor and Pollux) These twins really only came in a pair, so let's just say that you're both of them. That said, you're skilled in some pretty neat everyday stuff - like taming horses or boxing ... Read more


You might just as soon stay at home with your mommy, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't be open to adventure if it came by! Just don't screw it up when you're on your own without the help of the gods ... Read more


You are certainly an honorable, honest hero. However, this can sometimes get you into trouble! There is such a thing as being 'too honest' you know. This doesn't mean you can't dream though - of prett... Read more


You're the best king ever (at least as far as the Athenians are concerned). You care deeply about your community, and are willing to make personal sacrifices for it. You are also a very effective lead... Read more


A family man all the way, you are the hero of responsibilities and obligations. You are very concerned with your honor and protecting your community, and you don't mind getting your hands dirty doing ... Read more


(AKA Hercules) You are one of the most legendary heros ever! You're also one of the strongest and most prolific, in both deeds and procreation. Because you tend to lose your mind sometimes, you may be... Read more


(AKA Ajax) You are what people mean when they describe somebody as an 'oaf.' Due to your physical size you can be intimidating at times, especially during your fits of murderous insanity when you don'... Read more


You work well alone or in a group. Now you can officialy put that on your resume under 'skills'. While you're at it, you can also put 'born leader' and 'likes fleece'. However, you may be a little lac... Read more


You're a man's man. Or to put it more accurately, a hero's hero. You assert yourself, for the good of your community, but never lose sight of your etiquette or sanity. Of course, this inevitably leads... Read more


You are one gal I would not want to mess with. Probably the most (physically) poweful and respected mortal woman in ancient Greek myth, you are the Amazon queen who can take charge and be a real woman... Read more


The ultimate warrior. That's you. You may not have too much empathy for your fellow man (or concubine) but hey, that's what got you where you are today! You may get confused at times when it comes to ... Read more

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